Aug 082010

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I love lazy Sundays…laying in bed for a while longer, enjoying the sun peeking through the blinds and even a picture or two later in the day :) Todays Daily Inspiration comes from David Schmidt who shoots with a Leica M8U (upgraded to M8.2 specs). You can see more at his smugmug page here.

I take pictures every day. For me, it’s a form of meditation. Bills, kids, stress, all wash away when I have my camera in my hands.

I really don’t try to find shots so much as letting the shot find me. Then, its like Henri Cartier-Bresson once said “Aim well, shoot fast, and scram”. Lately however, I find myself engaging more with my subjects and then capturing them for who they are. Either way, the joy of capturing a moment in time that tells a story is immensely rewarding for me.

Having been a student of photography since I was fourteen years old, starting with a Canon TL QL, and developing my own film in the basement, up to today shooting a Leica M8.u. I still find myself a student of photography.

I hope to forever be the student, as I attempt to capture the light and create an image.



See more at Davids website portfolio HERE.

  7 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #132 by David Schmidt”

  1. very classic stuff David.. Very relaxing images…
    well done.

  2. Really like these David :-) There’s so much going on with these characters.

  3. Great pics all 3 of them, especially the last 1
    How about the M9 ? i am sure you would love the 9 version.
    What kind of lenses do you use

  4. Great subject choice and angles, different feel to them. Really impressive.

  5. Beautiful images. All three are very engaging leaving a sense of wonder. Nice work.

  6. Great pictures David, I checked out your web gallery as well and the photographs are just wonderful. Well done!

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