Mar 122012

Hey Steve

Great site you have! I recently read and really liked your Fuji X10 review – and I am now a very happy x10 shooter.

I have attached 1 image of my late mother. She was a warm and loving woman, but she had a hard

life with anxiety and depressions and she smoked a gigantic amount of cigarettes. She died last year at

the age of 84 – a very peaceful death, were my 18 year daughter, hold her hand, as she took here last breath.


Best regards

Martin Christensen

Denmark – Copenhagen

  21 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #326 by Martin Christensen”

  1. Sad story. Beautiful photograph. Priceless memories.

  2. Very nice and a real capture!! Did you take this with the X10?

  3. What a great photo that is of your mother, thanks for posting it.

  4. Beautiful portrait!

  5. Great photo of your mother.

  6. Lovely picture, I can see the love for each other in the image!

    Bart Uijterlinde
    The Netherlands

  7. Lovely picture, but given the emotional subject-matter I think Steve you should have corrected the typos…

  8. Martin,

    A very powerful image, thank you very much for sharing.


  9. Wonderful and very powerful image. Thanks for sharing Martin.

  10. Amazing.

    She loves you.


  11. Very moving picture.

    I too love my X10 despite being a happy M9 and Nex 5n owner, a fixed lens usable zoomed indoors is a rare trait. I wish you the very best and hard life or not, your mother was a very beautiful woman till the end.

  12. very soulful image, she looks so full of happiness for you – can see it in her eyes! May she rest in peace, and she is proud of you, her loving son.

  13. She kinda looks like Bette Davis a classic nice remembrance sad to see that generation going allot of history in that photo

  14. Wow. You really got that “creamy” Leica look

  15. My goodness Martin, how poignient. Thanks for sharing this touching memory for you.


  16. Outstanding shot! I really like it (looks like a film picture).

  17. a classic. well done

  18. this is a very beautiful photo but your words, has transformed this in the more beautiful and melting image that i have seen

  19. Beautiful picture made me cry since I lost my mom this week too she was
    the same age………

  20. Hey u all :-)

    A “little” late reply, sorry about that.

    Thanks for all the wonderful responds, its heartwarming.

    Kindest regards from Copenhagen :-)

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