Sep 022012

Hey Steve –

I’m attaching a few images which may interest you.

These have been shot in Mumbai, India on the Leica X2 – in “monochrome” – actually in BW high contrast mode!! I really love the overall tonality one can achieve in-camera, without having to convert colour into BW in post-processing. The X-2 does such a cool job of it. Just a few minor touches to ones taste in LR or CS6 and you’re on your way!! Although it doesn’t possess the bells and whistles of its competitors, the photographic IQ of this camera is just incredible!!

Its nothing short of the ideal street camera – the lesser side of an “M”!! Small, stealthy and super slick!!

Keep up the great work with your website!! Always a joy to visit!!


Sharookh Mehta

  33 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #350 by Sharookh Mehta”

  1. very Impressive!!

  2. Great images Sharookh! Really nice tonal range… Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing images. These images prove the X2 is King of the compact APSC cameras. Nice work

  4. Wow! That second one is a knockout!

  5. wow that first shot really pops out!

  6. Absolutely stunning. How were you focussing? EVF? Rear screen? Zone?

  7. Great images and a tribute to your good skills.
    The little X2 is a joy to use.

  8. I felt an X2 the other day. Feels so good in the hand. Great to see these images. Excellent choice and good work.

  9. Wonderful images. I love the contrast and tones, all achieved without lengthy post production. Great work!

  10. B&W looking good, however a good image does not need vignetting to give it focus.

  11. Oh Please! Didn’t any ever tell you there are no rules? You don’t like vignetting, Sharookh does. Artist’s choice.

  12. Great images Sharookh. You’ve encouraged me to use my old X1 more. Thanks.

  13. I would be interested to see what a lot of the old master shots looked like straight from the negative. I would guess a little different to what we see in the prints. Agree, if you like the look of a shot with vignetting, then you should do it. Shoot for yourself, not for others, you will find a following somewhere. Others prefer to shoot and not post process at all. That is fine too, if that is what they enjoy. They will find their following too. The worst is to shoot something and then not adjust it when you hate it or adjust it to something you hate, just to curry favor with the masses. My 2 cents.

  14. Great images, really liked them.

  15. Thanks a lot, Sharookh, for wonderful photos – they truly serve as Daily Inspiration. The tonality is impressive, the faces intense and open at the same time. Obviously, this camera works wonders in the hands of a capable photographer.

  16. Thanks Steve, and thanks everybody for your generous comments. Much appreciated.

    John – AF / EVF – that’s it! (The BW high contrast mode is superb)

    Mikael – thanks. I like my tones to be deep. I also feel a vignette should be given importance in the right situations…….

  17. If that’s in-camera processing then I’m even more impressed. Thank you for posting such beautiful work.

  18. Fine photos. I am new to this site and have been impressed by the excellence of all the photos.

  19. I can look at those image a long time. Makes me want to do more in black and white.

  20. Wow, I love number 2, fantastic!

  21. nice, very nice. should stoke the X2 vs X100 dabate quite well

  22. Hi Sharookh!

    Amazing pictures, I love all of them, with a slight preference for the second one.

    Excuse me for asking, but on the Leica X2, is the Black and White High Contrast mode only for jpeg’s or it applies also for Raw (DNG) format?

    Also, when you say “Just a few minor touches to ones taste in Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop CS6 and you’re on your way”, what kind of adjustments are you doing exactly, besides adding the vignetting effect other readers mentioned? Do you also use another Black and White software like Silver Efex Pro or Pro 2? I dislike spending too much time, behind the computer, post-processing my images and your pictures looked so great, thanks for sharing if you don’t mind.

    All the Best!!!

  23. amazing photos, I love the effect in your photos, pictures of people are incredible, I love the second shot, great clarity and contrast, thanks for sharing friend, I can not wait to see more …

  24. I really like these images! It is good to see what the X2 can do, in your capable hands. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thanks again, all!

    Richard – I believe this mode applies to Jpeg only. DNG files would remain unchanged. My workflow revolves around adjustments primarily in LR4.1 where I try and bring out maximum detail in shadows and highlights, rounding it off with a tonal adjustment in curves ( minor as the X2 itself, does a great job of it!). Then as you say, I apply my vignette (to taste) and send the file into PS6 to stroke a border and print. No plug-ins and no additional programmes.

    Hope that helps!

  26. Great b&w shot as usual Sharookh ! Look forward to more.

  27. Very tastefully seen and captured images! You’ve done justice to the subjects’ trust in you – Well done, Sharookh!

  28. Beautiful! You have inspired me to get out and (finally!) shoot my X1 in B&W.

  29. Hey Sharookh

    Just my world. Had my X2 this summer and I´m SO happy. The X2 is my “new old friend”. Almost like doing M6 shots. I do the same – BW high contrast – and then Silver Efex pro 2 plug in for Photoshop.

    All the best
    Lasse Jorgensen – Denmark

  30. Sharook, thanks for sharing. Photos are mind-blowing!

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