Oct 302012


I would be grateful if you could post these as part of your daily inspiration series. The coptic church in Jerusalem is really an extraordinary experience. I was recently provided the opportunity to shoot a special ceremony there. All photos attached were taken with the Leica M8 and either the 50mm Summilux ASPH.

Thank you,

Aaron Greenman

[email protected]


  14 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #367 by Aaron Greenman”

  1. Really nice work Aaron….you’ve gotta love photography when you get the chance see what people can do with this medium!!

  2. Hello Sir Aaron,

    I like theses Pictures a lot …. Your framing and composition are brillant IMHO …
    Also, You have some amayzing work in your gallery… Congratulations .

    Best Regards.


  3. I like these better than the monochrome files

  4. I want to make love to picture #3. Stunning…

  5. I can’t “open” the images for full res for some reason, but these are very thoughtful, deliberate, respectful and well composed images. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Just fabulous shots Aaron number 1and 4are just awesome

  7. http://www.acuitycolorgrain.com/latest-exhibits/holy-lands/

    The Women letting you photograph them so closely says a lot about your respect & sensitivity towards them.

  8. Thanks all for your comments and for taking the time to look. Will send in some follow up photographs taken this week in and around the chapels with an M9 and 35mm Summilux ASPH.

    As for processing, these were RAW from the M8, converted with Efex Pro with a bit of structure toning.

    Best Regards,


  9. Have also been both in Jerusalem and Ethiopia visiting the Copts and want to add my thanks! These are superb memories – and works of art in their own right. And M8………. Tell us more about the exposures and the conversions.

  10. Very good images. It takes me back to Ethiopia (now Eritrea). I remember the priests with their staff and whisk. It was like they were invisible. Nobody spoke with them, and they spoke to no one.

    I would recommend traveling to Axum and surrounding sites.

  11. Fantastic shots, Aaron. You caught some very beautiful and intense moments there; your pictures give, I think, a realistic idea of the atmosphere of the place and the subjects portrayed.

  12. Having been there myself, I can say that your pictures convey a sense sacred devotion. Well done.

  13. Beautiful images. I have been to that place before and I am always amazed at the beauty of these places hundreds of years later. Your selection of black and white was a great selection.

  14. Really good work! Excellent conversion to B&W (assuming these are not b&w jpgs). Thanks for sharing.

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