Nov 182012

Far Rockaway New York after Hurricane Sandy in Photos by Tom Poole

Hi Steve,

I was recently asked by some friends of mine to document the dire situation in Far Rockaway, NY, post Hurricane Sandy.

These friends of mine have been extremely active in volunteer relief efforts and raising money to help local people with the clean up (Which will take a very long time).

Please feel free to check out their amazing work on their site:

I shot everything with my M9, mostly opting for the 50mm Summilux, but occasionally using the 35mm Summicron.

It’s very easy to forget about the lasting effects that an event like Sandy can have on a community. I only hope that the people of Rockaway (and the other areas affected in NY and NJ), bounce back stronger.

Thanks so much


  17 Responses to “Far Rockaway New York after Hurricane Sandy in Photos by Tom Poole”

  1. Thanks for sharing Tom. Great reportage!

  2. What a tragedy! Thank you for your support! Great pictures. Hope that everybody finds back into their normal lives as soon as possible and that every bit of support reaches those too who need it the most!

  3. These are fantastic!

  4. Excellent. Thanks for the reminder that disasters are not short term events.

  5. This is an award-winning collection of images… Tom really captures the essence of this area and how it was impacted by the storm. It is eye-opening to say the least. Steve, please continue the tradition of including the images of talented photographers and artists on your site.

  6. From a native New Yorker, thank you for your concern and your thoughts.

  7. Thanks guys!
    @Steve Beal. Thanks man. The only award I get from these is meeting the amazing people of Rockaway.
    If any New Yorkers on here wanna help out, there is a volunteer sign up on the link posted.

    Be well


  8. I just got back from 176 hours of work in The Rockways, Coney Island, and Brighton Beach.

    Couldn’t bring the OM-D but used my iPhone- and pretty good shots considering!

  9. I love the portraits.
    But all I can’t see on most of these is obvious post processed vignetting, it ruins it for me.

  10. Besides mixing up bw and color, witch is too distracting to take whole piece seriously, these are very good photos.

  11. Some very nice people shots, but nothing in a wider perspective that shows the overall situation that is affecting the people you depict. If you could add that in it would be very good indeed.

    • @Andrew

      If you click on the link posted in the main text and look under gallery, you will see plenty of none people shots. I sent Steve some shots that include landscapes depicting the damage. They just didn’t make the edit that he posted. Maybe he could add or replace some.
      Either way, thanks for the compliment.

  12. Beautiful images of a tragic moment, thanks for sharing!

  13. Good effort and nicely done Ross

  14. Could you please tell us about the post processing techniques used? These look fantastic! My favorite is the one of the man in the Yankees jacket standing at the crosswalk

  15. Great photos Tom, you have an amazing talent.

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