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I’m Stephane Taco, I live in Martinique and I would like to share my work with you guys. I use a nauticam housing with different lenses like the Olympus 12mf2, Rokinon 7.5mm F.E or my 20mm f1.7.

I really like to be in the water and share waves with surfers. It’s very challenging but definitely rewarding.

You can see more pictures here : www.stephanetaco.com (99% Omd )

Thanks for watching and Happy new year!




black&white roller

  25 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #384 by Stephane Taco”

  1. Super awesome!

  2. Awesome captures, all the way through. Great stuff!

  3. Stephane may I ask if you use some water case or just simply some cover as it looks the camera must go under water for sure. Wonderfull pics.

  4. The last one is friggin amazing! The B/W-conversion is awesome! Congrats!

  5. Fantastic shots! Would also love to see surfers up against some bigger tubes though. The last one is fab. “Stark” printed on the surfboard compliments the choice of B/W image and I love the perspective of the shot. I too have an OM-D and am thoroughly enjoying the camera from its image quality to it versatility. Great job – I can tell you had a lot of fun making these.

  6. Great work and your web page is worth a visit.

  7. Are You guys talking about M4/3 camera …. :) Beautiful pics , those made me wish i was there :) seriously a M4/3 camera with such great IQ and DOF … Bahhhhh i should get me one of those..(meaning Oly OMD ) ;) :) :D :P

  8. Verrrry Cool!!! What fun…..

    Bruce from BC

  9. I could not imagine myself surfing in the waters and on top of that you have captured stunning stills. Awesome work! I envy your photographic skills!

  10. Stephane,

    These have got to be some of the most awesome surfing shots I’ve seen anywhere on the web! Great job! I went away from the m4/3 system last year before the OM-D was released….seeing these photos really does highlight how far the system has come…and I’m now looking into the OM-D as a travel body.

  11. Wow, I have a lot of respect for those who venture into the water where the waves are crashing. I tried boogie boarding while living in Hawaii and I don’t now how many times I had to drag myself across the sand to get away! Then you have those like Stephane getting these kind of shots!

    These are great!

  12. Great pictures and good to see something different. No 2 is my favourite.

  13. Super. Third one is great! Nice work.

  14. Awesome! third one is the best! (IMO ;)

  15. Hi Steve, so nice to be featured in your site.
    BTW There is a mistake in the the tittle, it’s Taco not Cota.

    Thanks again!

    • Sorry about that! The email you sent the images with said “Stephane Cota” so this is why it was spelled like this. Anyway, all fixed now and THANK YOU for the submission!

  16. Beautiful shots, expecially the third.

  17. Nice shots, Stephane. I really like the point of view, and overall the third one works best for me.
    Cheers :)

  18. Absolutely killer. Beautiful stuff.

  19. Very cool photos. Nice job. Great to see the OMD being so versatile. I am taking my into the backcountry skiing end of Jan and hope to get some good action shots in that environment.

    I assume you wear a buoyancy wet suit or top at least of some sort which helps stay a float? Flippers as well?

    Love the B&w shot!

  20. Stephane: Your color renditions are exciting. By the way, what bodies are you using? Thanks for sharing.

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