Daily Inspiration #494 By Jochen Utecht

Hello Brandon and Steve,

I´m hooked to photography since the days of my youth, when I saw my aunt Photo (that was the name she still hears upon), a part-time professional photographer, having her Leica M3 all the time by her side.

So with the money from my confirmation gift I had the SLR-thing going to start with the Canon AT-1, which I swapped for the AE-1, which broke down in Bali due to water dipping followed by the Minox GT-E and analogue wise the last was the Nikon FM2. I also had a darkroom at my parents place, where I spent years.

Friends consider me being a Photo-Nerd, I guess. After the upcoming of digital I went without much fun through some digital P&S (Olympus, Konica and so on) with the best so far being the Fuji 6500. The day that one arrived, photography turned into fun again.

We took the opportunity to live in Iran for 3 years with our 3 children in 2008 till 2011. I took so many snaps with the Fuji! Everyday was special and worth capturing. Since those days I have a camera with me ALL the time.

I decided to invest in better equipment and I got a lucky chance when I chose the D90 with a 18-105 lens. It was the only thing I could afford during our stay in Iran. But I must say also, it was perfect for what I did: being in the streets, talking to strangers. Exploring the Big Baazaar in Tehran. Visiting the ancient places of the cradle of civilization. Family life. Desert trips.

Back home in Germany GAS almost took over. I upgraded to the D7000, after I had the D700 in my hands for a day and found it not to suit my needs. Or my purse, so to speak, with all the extra gear I had to gather.

Funny though the quality of pictures did not improve much with the D7k, it was only a step up with comfort because it has a few more buttons. A big step again was the purchase of a used X100, which had to have a lens-change done after one week. But since that I am jumping with joy with every photograph that I can take.

A friend of mine had a M8. What a beautiful piece of metal is that? – I had to have one of these. Good luck my wife didn’t get angry when I bought one second-hand. I was still jumping up and down when I confessed. Now I own 4 lenses for that being the Voigtländer 21/4.0 the one I like the best. The others are Rokkor 28/2.0 and 40/2.0 and the excellent 15/4.5 VC.

I have three cameras now which I use alternatively. The X100 is the one I choose mostly because it is so small, light and quiet. Now we are living in Beijing, China. So many things to see and, what´s even better, so many people! I love looking at people´s faces and photography gives me the opportunity to do that a bit longer.

Much too often I look at your site. Get lost now and then. I like the fact that it gives home to all the different kinds of photographers.

So thanks for all the effort.

Keep up the good work!

Jochen Utecht

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  1. I think your stuff is great Jochen, i loved the pics here and yr blog is quite something.
    the name itself, already shows the closeness you have with your family.
    I’m a big China lover myself and waiting to get the courage and time to make a post here.
    I was already thinking of going to Vietnam this year,
    you made me even more convinced.
    There seems to be a train that takes
    you from Nanning to Henei 😉 Must be something !

    Thanks for showing i trully enjoyed it.

    • Thanks! You won´t regret going to Vietnam. But be aware to have your valuables always close to your body. My brother handed his camera to a bygoing motorcycle guy without wanting to. Another proof that straps aren´t always a good thing. Take care!

  2. Hi Jochen,

    Glückwunsch für Deine guten Bilder, der blog ist sehr gut ! Danke !

    (sorry guys for switching to German language)

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