Daily Inspiration #495 By Andrew Cottee

Hi Brandon,

My name is Andrew Cottee, I am an Australian currently living in London. I am an enthusiast photographer.

So, I thought I’d send a few travel photos through for submission in your Daily Inspiration page that are a little bit different.

My brother and I were recently over in India on business. Fortunately, we had a bit of time off to enjoy Diwali in Jaipur.

On the night, my brother was wearing a playing jersey for his local rugby union team, the Woodstock Wallys. Named after our country town in outback Australia and the Where’s Wally books (I think this series is called Where’s Waldo over in the States). The jerseys have red and white hoops, and a logo of Wally/Waldo’s face over the breast.

Now, I am usually a street photographer, and devote very little time to planning/premeditating shots. But my brother’s Wally jersey inspired a series of ‘Where’s Wally’ themed photos, where my brother would basically hide, or pass through, the background of photos I was taking. The viewer would then have to find my brother being Wally in each picture.

This was easy to do in big crowds (my brother just went and hid). But the timing involved in getting candid street portraits with ‘Wally’ hiding in the background took some coordination…

Additionally, my brother is tall and blonde, and therefore stood out quite prominently in India. To help him hide, shallow depth of field, and B&W conversion were used. The camera I was using was a Fuji X-Pro1, with the brilliant and permanently affixed 35mm 1.4 lens – which was shot wide open in the two night shots attached, and stopped down to f2 in the third photo [daylight but shot indoors in low light]

While the series did not produce the best photos of the trip, it certainly resulted in some of the most memorable. And as a photographer who usually relies upon opportunities to arise naturally in the street, I really enjoyed the approach of actively manipulating the frame, the subject and the moment.




Diwali 01

Diwali 02

Diwali 03


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  1. The X-Pro1 with both the 18mm and 35mm lenses and a Billingham Hadley bag is being sold widely for £899 (incl. taxes) e.g. Wex. Is there any better package at the price?

  2. Megapixel aside the 16MP X-Trans sensor produces fine images. Look at the Nikon 16MP sensor, it is a bite short on MP, but it is an over all fine sensor. For APS-C it maybe the best. The next thing is the fine Fuji lens. Add to this no AA filter and these are examples of the fine images one can receive from Fuji X-Pro system. Very nice images from what I think is an excellent system.

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