Daily Inspiration #526 By Jan Wilhelm

Hey Steve!

even though I have stumbled over your blog just recently, it has become one of the sites I visit daily.

As the daily inspiration is among my favorite reads, I decided to submit some pictures as well.

Last friday I finally received my A7 and the 35mm f/2.8. As I was very eager to try it out, I decided to head over to the christmas market of Aachen, Germany. It was opening day but due to rather bad weather and some shops still being barred, it was a lot less crowded than I would have expected from last years’ experiences.

The first image shows some typical christmas market products such as Räuchermännchen (insense burner, carved as a woodsman), Nußknacker (nutkracker) as well as some not so typically matryoshka dolls.

It was rather chilly, so I decided to visit Aachen cathedral, the nearby UNESCO world heritage site. Inside, I was stunned by how much the A7 is an improvement over my old Alpha 500. It was great fun walking around, watching busy tourists taking snapshots with their cellphones and taking some photos myself. After having read in some reviews about the awfully loud shutter sound, I was pleased to notice that it was a lot more unobtrusive than expected. Combined with the SEL35F28, the A7 is really small, it almost fit into my coat pocket.

The following days, I will surely revisit the christmas market to see how my inherited old Nikkor lenses will render the scene.




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