Daily Inspiration #540 By Pantoflicek Tomas

Hi Brandon and Steve,

My name is Tomas Pantoflicek. I come from Czech Republic, Prague. I am visiting your Site regulary and it gives me great inspiration!

I am sending You, for daily inspiration, photos I made during my trip (with my family) to Austria – Montafon district in the Alps. Those photos are from Gargellen – Austria. This is a wonderful place – I took over 1500 photos (after deleting really bad ones) and I don‘t know which to keep… perhaps all 🙂

It was captured with my Sony RX 1 (fixed lens 35mm). I hope that you and the visitors of your site will enjoy it – as a little inspiration.. (I know, a little bit more of contrast.. but I like it for those photos…:-))

Thank You,






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  1. very nice, my choice of focal length and look as well… is I was there (with my Fuji X100), I would have come back with very similar shots!

  2. Superb photos, mountain landscapes are close to my heart. For me especially third is full of light magic (despite against sun, contrast could be a bit lower and more details in shadows).

  3. Velmi krásné snímky! I especially like the third one. In these days of cheap storage and fast searching, you don’t need to delete anything… Like you, I love the Alps. Thank you, Tomas! Best wishes, Nick

  4. Really fascinating! They are on the one hand clearly beuatiful images of what they are and at the same time they have an almost abstract quality about them. And 35mm seems to have served you very well. So thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Tomas

    Great pictures! Love them. And I have to say that I caught myself aswell lusting for an RX1! Great choice.
    Coincidentally I I spent a week in Gargellen myself not long ago. The pictures are not so nice as yours but you can see them here: http://www.frontlefteye.com/?p=1445

    Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming!



  6. Great shots. I like the feel you get by the way you rendered each scene. I too would like to see more photos of your trip. Did you set your exposures manually?
    Thanks for sharing

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