My story with Leica so far By William Bichara

My story with Leica so far

By William Bichara

My name is William Bichara and photography is the only thing that makes me alive and happy. My business focus is on weddings and portraits, but for my personal enjoyment, I do street photography. I came across your blog and website a couple of years ago when I was looking for some reviews. Since then, I am a regular visitor, for daily inspirations, posts, reviews and news. I find your blog very informative. It also provides awesome recommendations. A great example is recommending Leica dealer, Ken Hansen. You had mentioned him and his great service many times in your reviews. I have recently approached him and will always be happy with this (indirect) introduction, as it made me the proud owner of my first Leica M and my first Leica lens, and I can’t be happier about my purchase.

For random business needs over the years and with a daunting struggle to find the right camera that can satisfy both my professional and personal preferences, I have owned several camera systems, ranging from Hasselblad to Fuji, Nikons and Leicas (V, C, X systems). But in the last few years I found myself slowly breaking out of the shell of practicality and convenience and shifting towards the camera choices that brings more life and reflect more of me into my pictures. Nothing even came close to achieving this life long purpose other than the Leica.

Because of my helpless weakness towards black and white photography, I came so close to buying the Monochrom recently. That was shortly before the M240 came out. When it did, I was torn between the two for a while. Additionally, I had never owned Leica lenses and I was satisfied with using the Noktons. Reading and listening to your reviews on the M240, the Monochrom and the M 50mm lenses daily was very helpful. It provided key insights that helped me reach a decision and urged me to connect with Ken Hansen. I have to admit that Hansen provided me with the best service I ever received, (so thank you!!). This week, I got my M240 and my first Leica lens 50mm Summicron, and I had the opportunity to test them in a photo shoot I had the next day, and I have to say, I am in love all over again.

I say ‘again’, because one thing I forgot to mention about me is that I have a love story with Leica from a very young age. It started with the M6 back in the early 80s. Many years went by and I never afforded to get my favorite camera. In the last ten years I started buying few Vluxes and the X. They deliver awesome results but they never filled the gap for me. It wasn’t till two years ago when I bought an ME, and very recently, my first love, a used M6. That was a thirty-year wait for me, lengthened by the false conviction that Leica is not a practical choice for a professional photographer. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I have the M and the Summicron and I can’t be more impressed by the quality, sharpness, color rendering and overall mysterious feel of its images. I am now certain it will be THE camera for me, for weddings, portraits, fashion and all. Finally I want to thank you again for your very helpful blog and to share with you some shots from my very first shoot with the M.

The very first click, the 0001 was of my little boy (who is having the same love story with Leicas like me :))


Then I went on to my shoot with a client of mine and took the M240 with so much love and confidence to do the shoot with 🙂









Here is where you can see more of my work: and


William Bichara



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  1. It should read “we all know” of course.
    And before i forget – nice images William. Thanks for sharing and taking you time. This is what keeps the site so diverse and alive (thanks brandon, thanks steve and others who share their experience with us).

  2. This is a place for inspiration and for gearheads as well. What is the problem ? If you like running, you will most likely read about running shoes, even If you could run with bare feets. And If you are not interested, so what ?

    Wenn all know that it is not the camera that makes the picture, but most of us love to see what others do with the same camera we own. If it is a post about someone who shoots with a fuji, olympus, nikon, canon (you name it) nobody gets rude. If it is about someone shooting Leica the bashers show up. shooting with gear ten times more expensive than yours does not make pictures ten times better If that is your point. Yeah, we know so what ? But If it makes more fun or makes you feel better while shooting, it might show up in the images as well.

  3. Sometimes as a professional I just want to be human again. Just to not be perceived as a professional and to have people view my photos as the truth of what it is at that moment. Almost like a photojournalist approach besides a decked out portfolio. Doesn’t anyone appreciate that truth of a photographer vs. the staged glamour?

  4. Why is there always someone who has to give their technical explanation of how a photo should be? Does anyone who comments like this realize that if every painter painted the same way there wouldn’t be artistic paintings? Why have architects then if every house should be “that way”?

  5. The images are very good, compositions are fine (would have preferred a stop less DoF though), but the positioning of the model sometimes seems a bit awkward. Like, “Oh, too bad I didn’t notice that pole or vertical line sticking out of her head at the time…”.

  6. Nice photos William, but the ones on your website are better! I love the one of the Indian lady in the old textile factory.

    Best regards

  7. Great pictures and also a similar story to mine.
    Was always in love with the Leica look from a child and it wasn’t until the last 4 years I have finally been able to realise my dream of owning them.
    Like yourself it’s a joy.

  8. Before you trash the guy, go look at his portfolio. We can all learn a thing or two from him, including how to shoot some work for Vogue!

  9. Fantastic model! At one point it is all about details like half of your body reflected in the sunglasses. Also I do not find trash cans and old air conditioner in the background too pleasant. Why not just put her against that fence on the right.

  10. Another sad gearophile. Much more interested in people who are excited by photography rather than a particular brand of camera. Get a room.

    • I suggest you look at his web site where you will see the range and quality of his work. But I guess you would rather rather disclose yourself as a Leica hater with no interest in or desire to see what the man has done with his tools. Pathetic. If you can’t say something nice why say anything at all. But I really suggest that next time you approach your keyboard yo do your home work Not looking at the man’s website reveals you as a fool.

    • Not to defend the guy, but can’t he enjoy for his reasons and his alone? And while you were insulting, I was busy for 18 seconds looking at your flickr page. It promptly put me to sleep. You should get a room too. For a nap.

      • I had a look at his homepage. Yes, there is some nice work at his Portrait-Portfolio. But for a professional, the are too many little shortcomings in his Photos. For example, you should avoid to cut a circle. He does for at least two times and it does harm his composition. Or on some portraits there is simple too much space over the heads, sometimes there is the opposite. Or the blown out highlights on this site? I think he´s just in the learning process.
        But yes, i think using different types of cameras can/will change your style of taking photos, so changing brands could be important for your photography.
        So yes, be a gearophile. It´s a good thing.

        • Shouldn’t level of expertise and singing the praise of the equipment used in the process go more or less hand in hand? Just a theory.

          Still, very good images, with some flaws.

  11. Couldn’t you find a better location for the outdoor portraits? Somewhere without trash bins en poles sticking out of her head.

  12. I had a very similar story. I just returned to shooting Leica after a 42 year break. The M-240 has put the fun back into photography. I’m getting pretty close to breaking my Nikon habit.

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