Daily Inspiration #551 By Vincent van Kleef

Hi Brandon!

Taking pictures at concerts combines two passions of mine and furthermore, it’s very time efficient! Due to other time-consuming activities I don’t shoot as much as I’d like to so I try to take my camera with me whenever this is possible. You are somewhat limited with a camera like the M8, but when you are able to get close to the artists, you can get great results. Furthermore it is almost a surreal experience to watch them just in front of you doing what they do so good! These pictures are taken at concerts of Eels, Kaki King, I am Kloot and Harry Sacksioni. Cheers, Vincent




Daily Inspiration_Vincent van Kleef_Eels (1 of 1)

Daily Inspiration_Vincent van Kleef_Kloot (1 of 1)

Daily Inspiration_Vincent van Kleef_Midon (1 of 1)

Daily Inspiration_Vincent van Kleef_Sacksioni (1 of 1)

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    • Thanks Joeri! Would love to have a M9, but that silly old M8 still is one amazing tool…..I will never part it with it that’s for sure 🙂

  1. Wonderful photos ! You can certainly use an M8 for concert photography. I have used my M8 to photograph Jazz gigs in hotels and when the lighting is good or if the gig is held in the afternoon -then you can get great results. When I used to use my old M6 – I used Fuji Neopan Pro 1600 black and white film and it was excellent-results in Black and White from the M8 are better but still have a wonderful feel to them. I occasionally used an old 135mm Elmarit f2.8 (the one with the specs) to get some good photos -but focus was always a pain! When used on an M8 this lens will function as an 180mm approx tele. It brings up a 28 /90 field I think and the specs magnify to get the 135mm or 180mm on M8. Might be worth your while having a look out for one of these lenses (Please check FOCUS though) as they normally go fairly cheap.

    Super photos thanks for posting.

    Steve -can you please do a review on this forgotten lens which might be especially of interest to owners of the new M …ie could use alternative focus .

    Best Wishes.

  2. Very impressive images especially when taking them with an M8 that is known as not being a king for hight ISO!
    My favorite the the third one.
    Keep up the good work with your M8, it is a fantastic peace of equipment!


    • Well thanks a lot John! When using the available light right, the M8 can produce some stunning results. When you’ve got a lot of light available as in my former post at Steve’s site (DI 368), the M* really shows it’s strengths.

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