Another Film Friday By Mark Ewanchuk

Another Film Friday

By Mark Ewanchuk

Hi Brandon,

I realize that “people used to do this all the time” But thought it was presently kind of novel and exciting, and wanted to share (Sorry for the larger selection…feel free to pick and choose as you see fit!) We recently had the pleasure of a brief vacation to sunny Santa Monica, and I decided to try to leave the digital camera at home…Just old skool “pack the film and develop the pictures when you get back”. Armed with a Olympus OMG (loaded with Tri-X 400…) and a Zeiss Ikon with Nokton 35 f/1.2 (Using both Ektar 100 and Portra 160) I did the best I could to try to capture the memory of our getaway. I must say, I had quite a blast! These are all self-developed (using Tmax Developer for the B&W, or the Tetanal Kit for the Color) and scanned on the Pakon F135.

A much larger selection is available on my website at

Thanks in advance for looking!

All the best,









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  1. Wow really great pics love the colors and love the b&w that last picture is really great too 🙂 great site loads of more great pictures there too!! Did you secretly have a bit more fun by not bringing you digital equipment? It kinda looks that way by the way you wrote your article 🙂 great stuff!! 🙂

    • I sincerely appreciate it Ernesto…

      And it is no secret: I did immensely enjoy not having digital gear around to worry about or browse through…plus, developing the pictures allowed me to relive the vacation all over again.

      I highly recommend the experience.


  2. The girl in front of the mural is such a sweet photo. And look how nice the colour is from the film.

    Best regards
    Huss (just down the street in Venice!)

  3. Great images. I’m hoping to move to SM soon, so any images from there are exciting for me! LOL

    Love the kid sitting on the beach at the edge of the water. Just beautiful…

  4. Great shots Mark. I bought a couple of rolls of Ektar the other day to try. I develop my own B&W but have never tried colour, is it difficult ? Thanks

    • Steve,

      If you develop your own B&W, you are mostly there–it is not difficult at all! There are three chemicals minimum instead of two (I only use water for a stop bath with the B&W…) and there is actually less variability with regards to development times: it is 3:30 for ANY given film at rated ISO. (Pushing film makes it slightly more complicated…)

      The difficult (and mandatory) part is rigorous temperature consistency and control.

      In any case, there is a detailed guide posted on my site if you’re interested, and I am always happy to answer any questions that may arise.

      All the best,

    • Hey hey! Andy!

      Thank you, my friend…that’s because you and “The Producer” are my only “groupies”.


      All the best from Edmonton,

  5. 3, 4 5 are my favourites. Also very interested to read what films you used, as I have a Leica III f on the way and shall be trying something like you myself. So thanks for the encouragement!

    • Thanks John.

      Wow–A IIIf–that is “old skool!”

      Outdoors, the Ektar 100 really can’t be beat for sharpness and saturation.

      I wish you luck with your endeavours.

      Best regards,

    • Thank you very much–it was a stand-out for me too.

      Unfortunately, I can’t take all the credit: my wife saw the wall and thought of the idea!

      All the best,

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