Turkish fisherman with the Fuji X100s By Howard Shooter

Turkish fisherman with the Fuji X100s

By Howard Shooter

I must be strangely attracted to fisherman:

The last post of mine you very kindly published was about the fishing town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk, England. In stark contrast I now find myself relaxing in a wonderfully self-indulgent week of all-inclusive heaven, in Dalaman, Turkey with my wife Karen and my three gorgeous kids. What I needed was ironically a week of no photography and some serious “R and R”, after an enjoyably punishing work schedule.

As a food photographer, I decided to leave the beloved Leica M240 at home, with all the lenses, filters etc, I needed a break from manual this and aperture that… Instead I took just a small Canon (for the kids shots), and my conflicted Fuji X100s. My Fuji conflicts with me because I am magnetically drawn to out-and-out quality over everything else and I was thinking of flexing the plastic, one more time to invest in the Sony RX1R. The quality of the Sony is Leica-esque and it’s cheaper than the 35mm Summilux. or Summicron. But the story doesn’t end there; the Fuji X100s must have been designed by a photographer. It just works beautifully. I would argue that the Fuji is more ergonomically designed than the Leica in some respects, mainly the exposure compensation dial, and it is a total pleasure to use. The quality, once stopped down by a stop or two is lovely, could be sharper, with a better dynamic range, but the information is there if you want to fiddle and faddle. (I made the word faddle up btw). On an all-inclusive I expected the usual anonymous beaches, impeccable cleanliness and lack of soul or character, hence no reason to Leica up… The hotel we’re staying at is wonderful and is more than we could have wished for actually.

… and then my family, after a day of rain, went to look at the views on the beach. These Turkish fisherman were so friendly. I approached them today and just took about ten shots of each man over a three-minute period. The Fuji performed incredibly well. It’s so unobtrusive that I didn’t feel like I was violating their private space. The dual viewfinder is just perfectly implemented and the 35mm is such a flexible focal length. The shutter lag is almost non-existent and the camera feels very intuitive and responsive. Suffice to say I don’t feel so conflicted now. I shall be putting my plastic to better use. The Fuji is an excellent companion and probably got me more hits than if I would have had the Leica with all those nets flying around. Oh well… the buffet beckons!

The shots were taken in raw and have been converted to black and white in Lightroom and the blue channel has been increased just a little.
Many thanks for looking.
Howard Shooter

turkish fisherman

turkish fisherman3

turkish fisherman2

turkish fisherman5

turkish fisherman6

turkish fisherman8

turkish fisherman9

turkish fisherman11

turkish fisherman10

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  1. I just spent 2 weeks on a workshop shooting only the X100s and was very happy indeed. I have the small 28mm adapter and look forward to using the new 50mm one. My only gripe is the slow wake-up time. The forthcoming X200 is going to have offer something very special for me to change.

  2. wonderful set Howard.
    the X100 is an enjoyable camera to take images…have you tried the Sigma DP2M?
    my son now has the X100 😉

  3. Yes, that tiny flash is something. It looks like you’re shooting wide open. ND filter? Built-in or did you enhance with a screw in? Or is this at a low ISO? Or am I wrong?!

    • Thanks for your comments. It was shot stopped down a couple of stops to f4 ish I think without the ND so I could shoot at about 1400th/sec at iso 200 (I think). The flash just did the job nicely thanks….

      • Unfortunately the fill flash was too strong and killed the quality of the lighting. It isn’t a fill any longer, it became the main light. Looks about 2/3 stop too bright in many of them.

        • Well, my thoughts too. Very nice images, but spoilt (except for the one where it wasn’t used) by the flash. Why use it anyway? And if you do, go for either the unnoticeable way, or the very noticeable way.

          • Thanks for your comments… Obviously I like the effect… The faces were in deep shadow as I was shooting into the sun when I used the fill in. Appreciate the critique though…. Best Howard

  4. Very refreshing pictures : sea, sun and smiles, perfect ! I sold my x100 to buy the “s” but still balancing between it and a X pro 1 or a XT1… With your pictures, the “s” is looking like the best choice, love the fill-in results with the build-in flash !! Thanks for sharing

    • Hi StM, I too was balancing a x100s and XT1 and went for the XT1 for the lenses and versatility and while XT1 is a great camera I found it wasn’t the same fun and encouragement to get out there and shoot as the x100s. Too heavy, bulky, viewfinder placement in center vs. edge, etc. I suspect if I didn’t use the x100s first, my impressions would be quite different.

  5. Nice work. I shoot the original black X100, and use it for everything from travel photography to commercial portraits. It’s been a rugged travel companion and produces great portraits, even wide open. The exposure compensation dial is a huge feature in my opinion, and something that even the beautiful new Leica T seems to be missing (although I haven’t handled one yet). When using off-camera flash I will often flick the EV dial down a stop and add some flash back in at 1/32nd power. It’s so quick and easy… I can’t believe so many other camera manufacturers are still building their cameras around touch screens and complex electronic menus.

  6. Wow – just posted some positive comments on other entries and your images are superb as well. Quality Time at Steve Huff Photo 🙂

    The Fuji is a very capable camera and you made very good use of it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great article and images, Howard! As I have been considering the X100s as a great “travel” camera, one comment of yours regarding the Fuji X100s worries me though…you say that the “quality could be sharper”…Are you saying that the fixed Fuji lens is not as sharp as it could be?? If you care to check out my work at totalqualityphoto.com, you’ll see that image “Sharpness” and detail is my main “focus”! If there is any doubt that this Fuji lens is NOT sharp (and I know that Fuji CAN make very sharp high-quality optics), I would be quite reluctant to invest in that system. Also, congratulations on being published TWICE on this website!

    • Thanks Steve… The Fuji has a beautiful lens when stopped down by just a stop. Wide open it could be a little sharper but otherwise it is as good as any fixed lens compact with an APSC sized sensor. The Sony rx1 being full frame and having a superb Zeiss lens is sharper and has the dynamic range of Leica M optics but the user experience isn’t perfect in my opinion and the price is more than double. The Fuji would be a sound investment .


  8. Nice shots – thanks for the pics. So, what kind of fish do those guys get using that net throwing technique?

    • Hi, thanks for your comments… The one fish I saw looked like a small herring type fish but it looked pretty pathetic, catch wise. I think they left hungry unfortunately.

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