Daily Inspiration #570 By Chris Strzoda

Hi Steve,

Greetings from Poland!

My name is Krzysztof Strzoda (shortly Chris).  Photography bring me for over 30th years, however I am still enthusiast and I hope that so it will be up to my end days. I live in Central Europe in the industrial region, but most of my photos are landscapes and even to be more precisely – mountain landscapes. I like composition created in my head before I shot the image and photography is very often only pretext to go hundreds or even thousands km to be in the heart of mountain. I am not only looking for beauty of nature but also I am seeking abstracts in the nature, where details are more important than wide view. Most of my photographs are black and white. Other themes which I like to visualize are connected with move: animals, water, clouds etc.

Today I would like to show some of my classical works created in Tatra Mountains. There is part of project which I have provided in Tatra Mountain National Park since 2012 and I hope it will last two or three-years yet. That three photographs was taken in 2012 year with Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 12-24/f4. The exposure was 1/3 sec @f/19 (images 1-2) and 15 sec. @ f/11 (image 3) with ISO 100. Post-production was in LR 3 and PS CS4. I tried to make the best with conditions and the light that were that day. I have read your blog for a few months, it is a full of inspired photographs and very useful information. Next months I will send images from Dolomites taken by Sony RX100II, which I bought after reading your review.

Thanks and all the best,





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  1. I like how your compositions lead into the scene. They lead the viewer’s eyes right into the scene. Beautiful area. Thanks for sharing. Ry

  2. Viewing this large is a great experience. The rich blacks and bright whites are highlighted when nothing else is on the screen. I like the first and last ones the best. In the second image the “flat-transparent” waterfall in the middle renders more as a lack of sharpness rather than water. To me it causes a “hole” in the image. In the last, the placement of the footbridge against the shadow is also a nice bonus.

    Thanks for posting.

    • Totally agree – except for the second image. It indeed is somewhat different as it looks less calm, but that “hole” or lacking sharpness adds to the very strong movement of that river…I can’t really explain, it kind of remembers me of the edgy and rough bending of the path in van Goghs Cornfield-with-crows painting.

      Chris, the mountain silhouettes in the second photo are more accentuated. Did you do some extra processing or was it the clouds’ shadows?

      Thanks for sharing, makes me wanna go out hiking!

      • Thanks for comments. Yes, there were a bit more postprocesing to accentuate mountain and sky (that moment was overcast). Also pixel-compression on that 900px image emphasize it (as always), because on my 30″ prints differences are hard to see.


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