May 212014

New York City with the Leica M

By Bob Boyd

Hey Steve and Brandon,

With the opening of the 9/11 Museum today, I was looking back through images from a family trip we took this March to New York City. The Memorial is always such sobering place to visit and I was moved to see single white roses placed on some of the names.

New York is a favorite for me and my wife and except for one evening of heavy rain, we had a beautifully bright, sunlit week and the images definitely reflect that.

My travel kit consists of the M and 4 lenses: 21, 35, 50, and 90mm.

For anyone interested in seeing the whole set of images, they can be found here:

Many thanks,

Bob Boyd

This is a 12 image stitch shot with the 21mm Summilux ASPH:

9/11 Memorial & Museum

35mm Summilux ASPH:

A flower left for a 9/11 victim on their birthday.

50mm Summilux:

3 20140311 - L1006618

21mm Summilux:

The Guggenheim.

21mm Summilux:

30 Rockefeller Plaza

21mm Summilux:

The iconic Atlas statue at Rockefeller Center.

50mm Summilux:

Thunderstorm, Times Square.

My crew.
(50mm Summilux)

My crew in the morning NYC light as we head out after breakfast.

(35mm Summilux)

Goodbye NYC... Next stop... home.

  45 Responses to “New York City with the Leica M By Bob Boyd”

  1. Excellent collection, original, artistic and creative!

  2. Great set of images !

  3. Excellent shots!

  4. Wow. Excellent images. The Guggenheim museum one is so unique. Nicely done!

  5. Fantastic set of images, great eye!

  6. Finally, some images that are actually “inspirational”! I’m a New Yorker and shoot here a lot, but you’ve inspired me to get back out with a fresh eye. Thanks!

    • indeed it is inspiring work, but unfortunately humbling too. as a new yorker you owe it to the rest of us to get out there and take advantage the best photo venue in the world!

  7. Really liked your photos! Awesome set!

  8. Excellent. I like the man walking in the rain most!

  9. Many thanks to everyone for the nice comments. And thanks to Steve as always for a great site.
    If any of you happen to be on Flickr, love to connect there as well:

  10. Your color photos are so rich.

  11. Useually I am not that easy to impress… but on your webpage… every shot is a stunner!!
    Makes me want to go out and shoot (such pictures ;-)) as well!


  12. Great images! Each photo captures a different characteristic of the city. Shine, grit, power, toughness, sophistication and warmth. Awesome job!

  13. Kudos to the photographer and to the Leica M! Really nice set of photos here.

  14. Great set of pictures. NYC is my favorite place and i love how you captured it. I also look at your link with the whole set that has even more amazing pics. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Top notch photos Billy Boyd Jack! Grade A composition!!! When you’re photographing the greatest city on earth a.k.a the capital of the world you need represent it just so… You passed brother well done.

  16. really, excellent. refreshing composition and sympathetic colours.

  17. beautiful pictures!

  18. Just a few quick observations. The images are lovely and well done, some great captures.. but .. did you mean to have the horizon tilted in the group shot, with everyone leaning slightly? I love lens flare too so here is the question.. could my Fuji X100s have done the same shots just as well? Or is there Leica magic?> Hmmm ??

    • In this case I was looking at the pictures, not the pixels … Inspiring images that make you forget the tool they were made with.

  19. Good to see a photographer not afraid of flare and blown highlights. Used like this they give the impression of the human eye seeing something rather than a camera; like squinting and peering into the shadows or shielding your eyes from the suns reflections. Great work.

  20. unbelievably good set.

  21. All the photographs are amazing, but man under the rain is one in a million (or at least to me would be a case of luck to get that precise moment in that precise condition) Regards.

  22. Gorgeous stuff! (And a beautiful family!!) You have a fantastic perspective…it made me think more about my own creativity. Thanks for sharing, Bob!

    All the best,

  23. Best shots I’ve seen on this site.

  24. 4 sons? My gosh! I bet your house is crazy!!

  25. Bob –Wonderful set of images! If people were impressed with the sample shots shown here –at Steve Huffs– they are going to love the whole series in your website. It is inspiring, the experience of visiting a city captured in a very naturalistic way…Is there a way to find out which specific lenses you used in the pictures on your website not displayed here (i.e., “Soho Residences” and “Soho Architecture”). Thanks for these images!

  26. You done good. Very impressive images. Thanks!

  27. Lovely style Bob….beautiful

  28. Incredible set!

  29. Beautifully done if this was my work I would be proud of it.

  30. Beautiful shots!!!

  31. Sweet snaps Bob! I really like the Gugg composition. Question about the lens flare on the 50 lux – did you have a filter on it? Mine does that with a B+W MRC UV filter.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Huss! It’s hard to remember if I had the filter on there. I do have a 2 stop B+W ND – one that fits the 35/50/90, and one for the 21.

      One note, I am a fan of lens flares and I will sometimes use Live View just so I can get it right.

  32. The man walking in the rain is the one that has expression I find interesting.

  33. i absolutely LOVE your work!!!! Definitely drew me in and kept me there…Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. great set of pictures!!

  35. Great stuff Bob.

  36. Beautiful, stunning photos…fantastic composition and processing…Your photos drew me in and captured my attention :-)

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