The Sony A7: My Six Month Analysis By Adam Laws

The Sony A7: My Six Month Analysis

By Adam Laws

Afternoon Steve,

I originally wrote to you six months ago in regards to my very recent purchase of the Sony A7 and Zeiss 55mm with my original thoughts as an enthusiastic yet amateur photographer with a shiny new plaything. I received some great positive comments from your readership, though I also received equal negative response due to my post processing. Some of which I found quite constructive in fairness.


Since my original correspondence I have started a photography course, gained some experience of studio shooting, purchased the Zeiss 35mm 2.8 and been on various adventures. All whilst Sony has announced the new Sony A7s and issued a firmware update to the A7 series so I thought your readers might be interested on how my experience has been so far. especially with your inpending review of the A7s.


Firstly something I didn’t elaborate on in my original post is how I ended up with camera in the first place. Originally I had been bouncing from higher capability point and shoot cameras. The Ricoh GX100, Panasonic LX3, the LX5 and then on to my first mirrorless system being the Panasonic GX1. A camera I liked but found myself wanting a viewfinder so I purchased the OMD EM-5, followed by the X100S, which I sold for the A7.



The main reason I have bounced around so much as my interest grew in photographer so did my desire for better equipment (The dreaded GAS syndrome). However I found by selling my old camera gear before the launch of the next generation of camera (I kept an eye on rumour sites for the latest info) allowed me to sell a camera with very minimal depreciation. I have yet to lose more than a £150 on camera and as I keep a camera for roughly a year (So far) the cost incurred for experimenting with the latest equipment I feel is quite reasonable. In addition with each new purchase I find my enthusiasm for photography is rekindled. Anyway I digress. What all these cameras have in common is their small, lightweight, and very capable for their form factor.

So back to my experiences with the Sony A7, what have I liked and what’s annoyed the proverbial sh*t out of me.



Wireless remote control functionality with my mobile device. This feature is built-in to the camera and sends a live view image to my phone allowing me to take images at a distance without any additional equipment being required. Focus peaking is amazing and extremely satisfying. I tend to manual focus when time allows. Lightness. This camera fits in my rucksack with ease and I have literally climbed a mountain with this in my bag along with other general provisions, without my back regretting it the following morning.


I appreciate the level of customisation this camera gives me allowing me to change the buttons as I see fit. If you decided to shoot in JPG I find the colour of the image is slightly better than the RAW and in addition the files are quite susceptible to manipulation before things go crazy. Autofocus has always proved very reliable and quick for my purposes. Depth of field is great. I love shooting wide open when the scene allows, and you are capable of getting quite amount of 3d pop. I was also surprised how sharp the Zeiss lens was wide open, though you have to be careful with your focusing. I can’t see myself ever needing any more camera if that makes any sense for the shooting I do.



ISO set to the control wheel as default. I must have accidentally changed my ISO to something ridiculous far too many times before I decided to change the configuration. The wheel has no real resistance so it was very easy to accidentally adjust/move. Though the camera feels good in my hand it doesn’t feel as nice as the OMD with the optional grip, nor is built as solid as the Fuji x100s, which just felt satisfying and weighty (In a good way). Shutter noise. Much has been said about this and as my previous camera with the X100s with the silent leaf shutter I winced with embarrassment the first time I tried to take street shots. Though it’s not generally that loud and no less noisy than my classmates DSLR’s.


You try finding flash equipment especially with TLL capabilities or radio transmitters that state they are compatible with the A7 even with the new ‘standard’ multi interface hot shoe. I’m still trying to find a cheap solution, which is available (And works consistently). File size. I love the megapixels however when shooting RAW has been to the detriment of my hard drive. Additional native FE lenses. I appreciate you can get adaptors for various lenses but I would like the option to buy native lenses with autofocus capabilities that is designed for this system. I found white balance to be a little off when shooting in studio conditions, and in addition snow. Nothing that couldn’t be rectified in post or with some button pushing but it was always a little out in these conditions.



Generally I have been very happy with my purchase. Will the A7 cure my GAS? Maybe in relation to bodies after all does anyone need any more capability within a camera for general shooting? Probably not. However I can see myself getting additional glass (If something becomes available in the FE native line-up). I guess I see what happens. If you readers want to see any more image samples please feel free to see my amateur web-site

And thank you Steve for all your dedication to this site. It truly is a source of inspiration not only in regards to gear but seeing other individuals work.



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  1. Then it wasn’t camera error but user error. All studio strobes have modelling lights that are tungsten (around 3200K) but the flash tubes themselves are daylight (5500K). Therefore, the camera could only adjust white balance to the modelling lights and it did that correctly but you got a blue cast since the actual strobe light was much cooler. In studio you always shoot with a manual white balance set to either daylight (the sun icon) or 5500K.
    Ok, you may be anal about it and use colorimeter since strobes get warmer as they age and the temperature of their light can fall towards 5000K.
    Just some constructive feedback.

  2. Lovely images Adam. And nice to see that old fox still rocking about Highgate cemetery 🙂

  3. Just one quick comment on the negative comments you previously received regarding post-processing. These days, cameras do so much post-processing in-camera, that it’s almost not fair to compare ‘OOC’ shots, as you are basically comparing, to some degree, post-processed images.

  4. Why do you say that the white balance is off in studio conditions. Did you use auto white balance?

    • I did use auto white balance to start off when, however I found blue casts so I set this up manually after my first few test images.

  5. Thank you for the comments, and thank you Steve for posting. Looking forward to reading your A7s review, and the general awesomeness your site regularly produces.

  6. Some really impressive portraiture (especially since it sounds like your just starting out, totally looks like pro work) however, I think the artistic nude shot maybe should of been linked.

    I’d normally never give a second thought to publicly looking at any content on this site, as its never been an issue, but have to admit that when I was reading through the article and came to the nude shot I did pause for a second and felt slightly embarrassed, as I was sitting in a coffee shop reading the article.

    Again, I’m not saying the photo isn’t tasteful and artistic, or trying to be the modesty police, but just that it wasn’t expected and could of been awkward for anyone walking past or sitting at the next table who happened to look at my screen, know what i mean ?

    Maybe if such context is going to be displayed, and I’m certainly not saying it shouldn’t be, perhaps it could be put at the bottom of the article and the introduction could mention what the content consist of.

    That way those of us reading the site at work, or in public, could judge if its an article we should maybe save for another time/place or just not scroll down all the way.

    • Calm down dude, you act like you’ve never seen nipples. Geesh this is a prime example of the pussification of america. Its not like the girls were spread eagle with a double dong and full penetration.

      Great work

      • I agree with Jeff, it’s not that the image isn’t really nice, because it is, and your response is a little out there so I won’t address it directly. It’s that some of us visit this website while in less than ideal places, for example some will visit the website at work. Most of the time if something like this were to be posted a NSFW warning or the like would be posted as courtesy. It’s not that we don’t appreciate fine art or the occasional nude, it’s just that we don’t need to be subjected to it without any warning when in sensitive situations.

        • The fact you use the phrase “subjected to” when referring to nudity gives an insight into your mindset on the issue. While I think Real Photographer could have made his point a little better, I agree with him. The sooner people stop feeling awkward about seeing a tastefully photographed nude the better. And the best way to do that is to bring it out in the open.

  7. Great shots! FYI – there’s a problem with the link to your site as posted. It places a “%20” after the “.com” in the URL. It’s an easy fix, but you can’t get to your site simply by clicking on the posted link.

  8. I don’t recall the original post – I’ll have to go back and look for that.

    I have to say though, these images are quite excellent (IMHO). Some beautiful pop, rich colour, nice filmatic look…

    The first two are my favourite but fantastic work all around!!

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