Void decks By Ying Kit Tham

Void decks

By Ying Kit Tham

Howdy Brandon / Steve!

I am sharing part of a series of photographs on void decks. Common sights in Singapore, the ubiquitous void decks are experienced by many but for most people, they are transient ones at best. Void decks host a variety of activities, items, moments and everything in between. They are like blank canvases on which the artist does his magic and always taken for granted. This series was built on this perception and examines the things which manifest themselves in these urban spaces. The photographs titled “The elevator”, “The floor games” and “The path which leads to nowhere” are taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 with Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS lens.

Greetings fron Singapore

Ying Kit Tham

the elevator

the floor games

the path which leads to nowhere

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  1. Folks! Thanks again!

    The idea behind this series was to photograph the void decks as I saw it there and then, in its “natural state”. I enjoyed the process of observing these spaces where everybody else just walked past. Malay hosts weddings and Chinese usually hosts funeral wakes in these spaces. These are relatively private and sensitive events to photograph as a “passer-by” so I would leave them as it is for now.

    The rest of the photographs in the series can be viewed here.

  2. more photos expecting from you?
    especially the event hosted by Malay and chinese which bring the big contrast for its purpose

      • Well, you learn something every day (hopefully!). I did not know that. Sounds like a quote from “Blade Runner” 😉
        I like these pictures, and the concept behind them, very much.

  3. Many thanks to all! This is part of a series of photos I took around void decks this year. An earlier series on void decks was done in 2013 too. I used to take photos of cityscapes but decided to move onto something more experimental. I seldom get feedback for my work and its great to see responses here!

  4. Are these from an exhibition?
    I love the simplicity – in the sense of graphics – that these evoke. Serenity in a transient space but giving it a permanence through the image. There is also the hint on an iPad anyway of them being very carefully constructed 10×8 images where you can only afford one shot so time is taken to ensure it is just right to make the image you preconceived. Also enjoyed the images on your website. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s not what you see, but how you see it. And what you say in your blog about “waiting for the composition to come together” is so clear in all your images. I love your “different palette” in your use of colour. And the sense of structure in your mono work is really striking. At the same time, your work is an education in wide angle work. So many, many thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree, it is refreshing to see some images that are part of an ongoing theme, instead of just shots that showcase the photographer’s gear…

    Keep up the good work Ying!

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