Daily Inspiration #618 By Eike Logé

Before 2011 I was a big DSLR guy. Starting with the Fuji S2 in 2001 over a few canons up to the legendary 5D. I was and I am, due to my job, always travelling a lot. It became a problem travelling always with the big and heavy 5D. Then I found your site and the X100 and I found out that a small camera can give decent results. But I didn’t want to switch from the 5D to the 100 for 100% cause I needed a 50 mm lens view. So when I heard about the OM-D I was one of the very early adopters for this camera. And I loved travelling with that camera and the small lenses. I used it for weddings, for concert and I got impressive results.

I expected it would be my last camera for years, because it was all I needed, but then Sony came along with the A7. and bang, I got it. It was a quick decision. Still small, but large sensor and the then the beautiful 35mm and 55mm lenses. Good job Sony. Still travelling a lot, and enjoy every little second with the mirrorless cameras and no need to get back to the big DSLRs.

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  1. as much as I love a mirrorless concept, I’m still stuck with DSLR because can’t find a reliable and mature mirrorless camera with variety of lenses the dslr comes with. I like Sony a7 series but the lack of natively supported lens is a bid no for me. And I don’t like adapters.

    • Yea it was a bit of a bummer for me as well, its a great camera overall but just lacks some good lenses. The 24-70 Zeiss was a big disappointment, even though I did like the 55mm 1.8.

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