Finding My Purpose In Photography By Andrew Gemmell

Finding My Purpose In Photography

By Andrew Gemmell

Hi Steve & Brandon

Hope you are both in good health and enjoying life!

Recently I have been thinking, “What is it, that I really want from photography?” I enjoy recording my family. I’ve made the step of committing myself to street photography. I enjoy travelling and creating images of what I experience. Though there’s been something nagging at me, which is driving me to do more with this passion.

Well I think I now know what that is. Firstly it’s not to get comfortable with my progress. I want to push myself. I want to improve and begin making images that can stir someone to either consider the image rather than glance at it (or perhaps make people come back to an image). I know art is subjective and everyone’s different. I won’t always fulfill this.

Secondly I have decided to channel my efforts into using what I produce to raise money for charity. So I have created a photography site as a platform to sell prints. I will also be using non-internet related initiatives. All profits will go into raising funds for one of Australia’s largest cancer initiatives, The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. It is a hospital and research center dedicated solely to cancer treatment, patient care and prevention and is part of the international effort to understand cancer further. My mother passed away from cancer in 2008 and my father continues to battle the disease.

I see these two goals going hand in hand. The work I publish has to appeal at different levels, be strong enough and continue to improve. If it does that and I put effort into publishing my work I might just raise some money doing my part along the way. I have added some images below from my site and trip. These are from a trip with my family last September and best described as “5 Weeks Abroad”. They document a trip from Rome to New York and my view of that trip through the lens. I hope you enjoy and thanks for sharing my feelings and thoughts about where my photography journey is. I wish everyone the best with their own photographic goals…and of course all the best of health.


american roadster




light on Manhattan

looking in

Piazza San Marco


the crossing

towards heaven

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  1. Andy, great job sir. Very inspiring and I think its a great cause that you are championing. Excellent images, will continue to follow your work in the future.

  2. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. Photography can be a confidence game at times and appreciate the feedback!

    Thank you as well Steve and Brandon.

  3. Each to their own. #2 is my favourite. We are almost looking into the girls head and imagining her imaginations

    Great photos. Happy seeking

    • Hi William

      For the most part the Leica MM with 24mm Elmar and 50mm Summilux ASPH. However I’ve taken some time out from digital and going to be using Mamiya 7 for foreseeable future. More out of curiosity and learning element. The Monochrome was and is fantastic and I can see myself going back to it in the medium.



  4. Always a pleasure to see your work Andy, and it’s great that you’ve found all the more motivation through your support for the cancer charity. I wish you all the best with this!

    You have a great eye for composition, timing and capturing a moment.

  5. Nice pictures! I really like and admire your effort to rais money the help those with cancer! I myself got Leukemia 5 months back, and have since that thought about using my photo interest the same way you do.

    • Hi Kjetil
      I hope you are well on the road to recovery and obviously never nice to hear about anyone having to deal with any illness. Stay positive and I’d like think we have seen things come a long way with respect to targeted treatments and their effectiveness. If you would like to stay in touch directly or through my blog and site it is

  6. Wonderful photos. Love your sense of composition. I also like the consistency in your style and processing. A great representation of your trip! Having a good photographer in the family is really quite a gift.

    • Are you the crazy Canuck known as “The Film Guy”? 🙂 Thanks Mark.

      In all seriousness if readers of Steve’s site want to know about developing film and how they render their various looks Mark’s website is a great source. Steve ran an article on this site. Mark is now even developing cinematic film so he’ll know even more! You can also see some wonderful images of his family as well.

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