A Leica wedding tryout By Ronald Tan

A Leica wedding tryout

By Ronald Tan

Hello Steve
I’ve been an avid reader of your site and it has been a daily source of inspiration to me I’ve always been interested in the articles related to Leica. In my free time,i shoot weddings with a Canon Dslr.However, I’ve always toyed with the idea of shooting a wedding with a Leica

I came across this article on your site

and this inspired me to try shooting with my M9. So off I went on a wedding assignment with my DSLR and my M9 in tow!

I shot these images with my M9 and a voigtlander 50mm 1.1. I simply love the images from the M9 and so do the couple. Hopefully one day, i can be like Joeri and make shooting weddings with a Leica my trademark as well

Image 1:Leica M9 F1.4 1/125 ISO160

Image 2:Leica M9 F1.2 1/1000 ISO160

Image 3:Leica M9 F1.2 1/1000 ISO160


Ronald Tan

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  1. Inspiring post Ronald. I am a RF/M9 beginner. Although I realised that it may be hard to “nail it” and that I do “miss the moment” many a times. But for those few shots that I do get right, it never fails to get a “wow!”. Keep shooting!

    • Thank you Kean
      When i started out,i needed some time to get used to it too
      But its really rewarding to master!

  2. I was very much relieved to notice that in addition to a more traditional Canon SLR rig the photographer had an M8 (SOTA at the time) with a few fast lenses for candid shots. They were gorgeous. My wife loved them too and she had no idea what rig was used nor did she care.

    Small setups that take great shots are wonderful for such assignments

  3. Hi Ronald,

    Nice to see your work and I’m honoured that I’ve inspired you in some way. Shooting weddings with a rangefinder is hard work, but in the end, if you master the tool, it is very rewarding. Right now I’m in the middle of the wedding season in Europe and I’m incredibly busy, but I just love to be able to shoot weddings in the way I want to shoot.
    Because of the interest in my Leica tutorial and other Leica stuff, I’ve moved most of the non-wedding information to a new website: http://www.joerivanderkloet.com

    I have had quite a few wedding photographers attending my workshops, but most of them keep a rangefinder as a camera for the fun moments and shoot 99% of the wedding with a DSLR. They can’t afford to invest the amount of time to become fluent in focussing.

    Have you tried to convert your first image to B&W? It might be interesting to see if this works, because to me, the green fluffy thing – a dress? – is a bit distracting. Unless the green thing is important for storytelling, you could give it a try.


    • Hi Joeri
      Great to hear from you! ” I just love to be able to shoot weddings in the way I want to shoot” How right you are!
      It takes time to master the focusing with a rangefinder and it is very rewarding indeed
      Thank you for the tip too.i’ll try it out!


  4. Nice shots Ronald! I agree – Joeri’s post and images are very inspiring (as are yours!) and it’s refreshing to see this different take on Wedding Photography.

    In fact, I may have to get divorced so i can re-marry, and have some beautiful wedding shots done in this style! 😀

    • Thank you!Glad you like the shots
      Don’t think your husband would be thrilled with your idea though haha

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