Greetings from Upper Bavaria in South Germany with my M9 By Rainer

Greetings from Upper Bavaria in South Germany with my M9

By Rainer

I like to take pictures outside in the landscape of Bavaria with its picturesque atmosphere. Most of them are quite simple shots but every once in a while, I capture some really neat shots. This is not because I am a great technical photographer, but because I am actually there, right in the middle of the world that excites me the most. Even though I am not a pro, I still love to take photos just like you. These are the photos I would like to share with you

Located throughout the northern Alpine foothills, Upper Bavaria is home to pristine lakes, steep mountains and the famous metropolis of Munich. Today, I would like to share a couple of photos capture last week during the Corpus Christi Procession (also known as Corpus Domini) at Samerberg (Alp region), celebrated by the Catholic Church, the local society for traditional costumes and the mountain troops.

All the photos are captured with my Leica M9 and a Summilux 35 mm lens. (You can find more photos on and

The Leica M is a fabulous camera to capture the colors of traditional costumes and the specific atmosphere in Upper Bavaria.

Take care, Rainer

Picture 1 and 2: Salute during Corpus Christi procession at Samerberg



Picture 3, 4,5: The procession to different altars, representing the four corners of the earth.




Picture 6 People join the procession in traditional clothes.


Picture 7: After the procession, parishioners return to the church where benediction usually takes place.


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  1. Compelling images and interesting subjects Rainer, nicely captured and sharp and clean as only Leica glass can render. As others have pointed out, the white balance seems a bit off and there is quite a bit of vignetting and color cast in the sky.

    I have an M9, and when auto white balance isn’t reading conditions correctly, I will switch to a default 5200 Kelvin … not perfect for all conditions, but it would have worked well for your outdoor shots (and most indoor shots as well).

    As for the vignetting and color cast, the Summilux shouldn’t do that – perhaps your Lens Detection is set on the wrong lens selection instead of ‘auto’.

    The X-factor of course, is whether your computer monitor is calibrated, perhaps the colors look good on your screen?

    Hope that’s helpful … your images are very interesting, regardless.

  2. This is about the M9 isn`t it? I`m afraid these pics do not do the M9 justice and don`t show the excellent micro contrast and sharpness the 18MP CCD sensor produces. The colors and WB are off as well, as others mentioned.

  3. Thank for sharing!

    The outdoor photos that Han mentions do look somewhat like faded slide transparency slides.

  4. Some nice pics of some beautiful country. That strong blue tinge in Your landscape shots is a bit irritating to me. Did You do that on purpose?

  5. A wonderful part of the world Rainer…I visited here last September and would certainly go back to visit again. I really like pic 3 and the 6.

  6. “The Leica M is a fabulous camera to capture the colors of traditional costumes and the specific atmosphere in Upper Bavaria.”

    So is the Fuji X System and others. I think the strength of the Leica System lies in getting close. Nice shots, but I feel they would have looked quite similar with nearly any other system.

    The value of a system is that it fits your taste and purpose. But to be honest most people won’t see differences in the output. The system is the pen you like, the process to take the picture and to develop it is the handwriting.

    I do not agree in every aspect with Steve but he sure shows different handwriting on different camera systems most of the time which I find fascinating.

  7. Love the colour and compositions, not to mention the fascinating Bavarian traditions!

    Keep up the good work Rainer!

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