Fuji X100 Full User Report By Matt Cole

Fuji X100 Full User Report

By Matt Cole

Hi Steve,

I am a 21-year-old film student from Canada who has always had a passion for cameras and photography. Like many photographers I struggled to find a subject that I liked to shoot and a camera that I loved. I started off with the Fuji X10 several years ago and moved on from there. Over the past 3 years I have gone through more cameras than you would imagine; I have owned a Canon Rebel T2I, Sony NEX-3,6&7, Fuji X-E2, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GX7, and a Leica M8&9. But to me, none of these cameras could hold a candle to my beloved Fuji X100. There was something special about the X100 that just made me want to go out and shoot and my problems of finding what I liked to shoot slowly melted away as I fell more and more in love with this magical little camera.

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel through Europe for 2 weeks by myself and 2 weeks with my girlfriend and when it came time to choose what camera came with me on the trip there was not even a question; without a single hesitation I packed up my camera bag with my X100, 2 extra batteries and a lens hood, and that’s it! This camera is the do-it-all wonder; it is small, well-built, and the 35mm equivalent lens is the perfect all around lens for landscapes, street, and portraits. Not to mention the lens is extremely sharp and renders images in a spectacular way!

I know this has been said so many times, but one of the things I love most about this camera is its retro look. As a new photographer that is what originally attracted me to the camera before I knew much about it. Now, as with everything in life, nothing is perfect; as many have stated before the autofocus is not the fastest and the menus are not the most intuitive, but this camera is so amazing that it allows me to look past its flaws and see it for what it truly is. One remarkable camera that will be remembered for years to come!

Although the X100 is quite old (in the digital era), it has dazzling low-light performance and the ooc jpg’s have great color! During my whole month spent in Europe I did not encounter a single situation this camera could not handle. I brought the camera everywhere with me from walking on the beach to late night adventures on the streets of Cannes with some new friends. The X100 powered through it all, and with great ease. Not to mention, the hybrid optical viewfinder was an absolute joy to use late at night when the evf would lag slightly due to the low lighting conditions!

On the whole, this camera is the best camera I have owned; not to say that the others I have owned were not fantastic. I found that this was the best camera for me, for others there will probably be a better camera it really just depends on who you are and how you like to shoot. I find that the best camera is the one that makes you want to go out and shoot and for me that is the Fuji X100.

Here is a link to my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/










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  1. You need a serious attitude adjustment, pal. Matt was simply relating his personal experience and opinion of the X100. Your post was indeed rude, dismissive and condescending. You just had to go off on your snarky little rant about how his article didn’t fit your definition of a FULL REPORT, as if anyone should give a shyt about what you think. And just who the [email protected] do you think you are lecturing him or anyone else about how to run their life?

  2. Thanks for sharing Matt! I also have a love affair with the Fuji X100. I even decided to start a photo blog using only the x100. Quirky? Yes! Improved focusing since last firmware? Certainly! Seductive? Well I think it is! Like you I simply love the user experience and its colour renditions. Yes it is slower than my DSLR but I think that is helping me to learn about composition. Keep shooting and enjoying!

  3. Glad you are enjoyig using your camera and yes the Fuji x100 is a camera than has inspired a lot of photographers -what is it Cartier Bresson said your first 10,000 photos will be bad ? So no worries you are just 21 and I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE and wish you well in your future photographic endeavours !

  4. let the man shoot what he likes and how he likes…! I love my Fujis Xpro XT-1 and 100 and 100s and I can’t sware they are the best, but I enjoy using them and the files are “the way I like them” (and yes, I own a Mtyp 240 with 35 50Noct and 90 and I prefer the Fujis, especially the Xpro1 files!) Let’s take more pictures and leave less acid posts about our fellows photographers!

  5. As someone who just got an X100, I love seeing posts about it regardless of how old the camera may be. Thanks Matt!

  6. I’m glad so many of the respondents on this site feel compelled, yet again, to criticize (bordering on slagging) a poster’s submissions. And that some have the egos to suggest that those who submit photos should have the particular tastes of this ‘panel of experts’ in mind when they travel, lest their photos be thought of as ‘boring’ ‘the Eiffel tower has been shot too many times’ ‘you need a course on processing’ etc. What is labelled as ‘honest critique’ really isn’t…the audience of this site and others like it need to re-orient themselves – posts here shouldn’t be subjected to such dissection. (very) Slow hand clap to all of you and your superior photographic skills.

    • I agree, Jon. Some of the comments left are just rude. I’d like to see the photos those people commenting submit, except they will probably never submit any.

  7. Worth following up the reference to Nicola Bernardini on the X100S. Same kind of pictorial issues, and we can all learn a bit from someone else’s sharing.

  8. Nice article! The x100 IS an amazing camera. Many user reviews emphasized that it is not a beginner’s camera. I wholeheartedly disagree. It may not be a the best choice as ‘point and shoot’ camera, but is a wonderful tool to learn photography on. I got mine as a novice’s novice and due to the accessibility of the analog controls was really able to learn the basics of photography. The files are VERY nice, and the camera is a blast to shoot with. It’s just plain fun to carry around. Also, after the FW updates any ‘speed’ issues were non factors.

    I love the notion of one camera for a trip. I have made several with my x100 and never felt deprived of any must have images due to focal length limitations.

    Alas I fell heavily for street photography – particulary intimate street candids, and despite what many say, the x100 is NOT that great a tool for that purpose. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I decided i needed a longer focal length lens for stand-off candids. I sold the x100 and got an olympus omd em5 with the 20mm and 75mm lenses. This is a fine camera – a technical marvel – and I have gotten some amazing street portraits with that 75mm. But the camera is also ‘fiddly’, I miss the rangefinder form factor, i miss the ovf, and the shooting ‘fun’ does not come close to what i had with the x100. I also find the RAW files need a lot more work than the x100’s did.

    I wanted to keep my kit simple, but i find myself missing that x100 every day and plan to get another one or maybe the ‘S’ as soon as i can find the right price. Ultimately i think it will get more use than the olympus, particularly for ‘trips’.

  9. The guy is 21 years old (remember that?) and visits Europe for the first time, armed with his favorite camera. What’s not to like? I wish I were in his shoes, but maybe I wouldn’t have gone through that armada of cameras at that age. IIRC it was “just” a Yashica TL Electro with one or two primes for me then, but the experience could have been the same.

    • It’s always good to be in Paris, Michiel (even if the Eastern European gangs, particularly those using children, have markedly upped their presence in all the usual places this year).

      Back to the photos; I was not going to comment but Matt has asked for the same by posting here; instead of just saying I’m not inspired, maybe Matt can describe what he thinks makes the following images inspirational – no’s 2 (is that a person/s propped up against the railings?),4,5 (crossing your fingers may be more useful on the Metro..)), 7 (I’m obviously missing something here) and 8.

      • I must have been in a mild mood James…

        Seriously: this is the kind of pictures I might have taken at 21(that’s forty years ago…), visiting a foreign metropole for the first time. I hope to have progressed since then, but that first time will nevery come back. So, with all their obvious flaws, these image struck a chord with me.

  10. Hi there

    I totally agree with your view regarding the X100 and the emotion it creates.

    But with the best intentions, and with regard to this site promoting the joy of photography, I felt a little, well, disappointed with the photo’s you posted.

    I read the introduction and was getting excited to see your interpretation of your month long trip, but, to be honest, was left feeling as though your compositions, more than anything, were a little kind of lazy, without trying to sound disrespectful, as I don’t profess to taking perfect photographs myself.

    It was the Eiffel Tower image that really spoilt if for me. I know that landmark has been photographed a Gazillion times, so maybe, I was expecting to see something a little more, lets say memorable and with your unique perspective, instead of something rather casual.

    Of course, I hope to insight encouragement and a point of view toward the passion of photography and your obvious love of that passion, with the intention of honest critique.

    Kind Regards

    Gav. J

    • I totally concur with your assessment, Gav. I almost always try to be nice on these pages BUT Matt’s images are just plain BORING and poorly conceived. I’d sincerely recommend sticking with one camera for a while and, if possible, taking a good photo workshop (SF workshops, for example) as it can be a life-changer. Sorry to be so harsh on Matt but I couldn’t fake a positive comment. His enthusiasm is fantastic but the art and emotion are missing.

  11. Having a hard time finding the “FULL REPORT” part.
    One month in Europe put in two paragraphs? Meh.
    Also this report is way past it’s time.
    Nothing we didn’t already know.

      • To all you who felt compelled to rally against me for the way I replied, grow some elfin balls. The way I respond was not harsh, not even rude, I never even criticized his pictures.

        Not even going to bother with the shots, it’s the misleading title that bothers me. A month in Europe and his “FULL REPORT” about the camera centers around 2 paragraphs? He’s not even the first one to say these — merely echoing what others have already said in their reviews few years ago.

        Matt, just lay off buying gear. It’s not the gear that matters. Use those monies to go explore Europe more, around the world even. Maybe you can then be inspired to do a proper report.

  12. I love my X100, I still have it. But please you just can’t relate it with M9, they are two different cameras, no comparison.

    • He’s not making a technical comparison – simply saying that his experience with the X100 is preferable to the one he had with the M9.There’s no question that the Leica M9 will give you better image quality than the X100, but if he gets more joy out of the X100, then so be it.

    • No direct comparison was ever made to any of the cameras listed. The author merely said there was something about the way the x-100 looked, handled and rendered images that made him want to use it more than the others. That’s just fine because a person’s photographic experience is entirely his own. I know that “haptics” plays an important part in this experience and in that sense I can identify with the author about preferring one camera over another. I myself use different cameras; some for work, some for travel and hobby pictures. You know what I find most liberating for me in everyday shooting? My iPhone 5s! If that offends anyone here, I think you need to help and need to have your head examined 😉

    • The great thing about the X100 is that you can buy it and still have enough money to travel around the world!

      With the M9, you can buy it and take the city bus around your hometown 😛

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