Leica Monochrome Mojo by Matthieu Fassy

Leica Monochrome Mojo

by Matthieu Fassy

My name is Matthieu Fassy I am a French expat in Dubai. About a year ago I started getting into photography, encouraged by my dear wife and some close friends. I decided to acquire a Canon 5D Mark III and a few lenses and started carrying the whole kit in each of my trips abroad. Pretty quickly I got really tired of carrying a huge and heavy bag around… I am shooting Street, Landscapes, Architecture and Sports. I found that the 5D was giving me great results in Sports photography but that for my favorite type of photography, which is Street, it was just not convenient at all.

So I went Leica…

I am a fan of Black & White and I must say that the M Monochrom is making me really happy. There is something difficult to explain about the rendering of the files coming out the M Monochom… Some kind of 3D / Sharp magic mojo giving a unique touch to the images! The M 240 is producing mellow colors which suit my taste well but I must say that I often convert those color images to B&W… As for the lenses they are perfection! Fast and razor-sharp! I only shoot in natural light and often wide open so for night Street photography, these lenses are great!

Anyway, my last trips were in Japan where I was in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and the Netherlands. Japan is a very interesting country, with great history, culture, food, art, architecture and traditions. It is a country of contracts in many aspects, very graphic and very photogenic. As for the Netherlands I was there during Kings Day (The King’s Birthday), which is a day of massive popular celebrations across the country! It is very colorful and full of orange, which is the Country’s color. Here are a few shots from these trips, which I wanted to share on Steve Huff’s WEB site, which is a great source of inspiration and a must visit site every day for me!














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  1. These are monumentally good images! Inspiring is what they are. Both photographically and also just in terms of making someone want to get out and see the world around us.

  2. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments! Lenses I use are 35mm and 50mm Summilux. As for the post processing, I am quite lazy so I never spend more than 5 min on a picture… If the picture needs too much retouching it not a good picture… Usually I use Silver effect and then in Photoshop. I work the curves and correct the exposure if necessary. When needed a bit of dodging and burning. That’s it! Keep it to the minimum… Some of my work is on http://500px.com/MatthieuFassy. Cheers !

  3. Wow these shots are simply amazing!!! I can not believe that you took up photography a year ago? Every shot is amazing. I know the camera is good, but a camera does not compose and take the photo. I think it is your ability mate. Simply amazing, well done 🙂

  4. Hi Matthieu. As a fellow Dubai expat, I recognise many of the local scenes but your shots make me see them in a new light. Great vision, timing & pp

  5. Great work I share your enthusiasm for the Monochrom and I don’t fail to be amazed when using it.

  6. At long last, I really see the point of the Monochrome! I love B&W but normally go for a softer style and a gentle tonal range rather than the extreme contrast which some like and seems currently very fashionable also with the M Monochrome. But your pictures combine clarity and tonal subtelty in a way I’ve not seen before, and they really sing! Thanks for the sharing and the demonstration!

  7. Well done! your vision is excellent and I loved your pics.I already have an M240 and convert some of mine to mono.I wonder if a mono conversion from an M240 image would be much different to one straight from an MM? Kind Regards John Petty

  8. 4, 5, 6 and 10 are truly exceptional. Well done… there is an incredibly large contrast range, especially in image #6 with inky-black blacks and snow-white whites. Is this a result of (very skillful) dodging and burning, or did the files come out of the M like that?

  9. Thank you for sharing! Love your work! I am always interested to know which lenses were used in these types of texts. Which lens did you use for the train shot for example?

  10. Everyone above have said it, my photographic eye is taking inspiration from these. In the best of the above the camera, lens and process used matter little, but still this is of interest for me so would like you to share the lenses and post processing technique you use. And perhaps you can expand on the story behind 5 and 10 as a favourite of Kees and myself also.

  11. wow, this is the first time on the web that i finally have seen how different the monochrome does b&w images.

    i’m not sure if its the subject matter or what but the images just really pop especially the first one and the skier.

    great job, sure does make a great case for the m mono which until this point i hadn’t really seen that much of a difference online btwn it and converted images.

    • I still don’t see any specifically “Monochrom difference.” He does say that he also uses the M240 and sometimes converts those images to black-and-white, so we don’t necessarily know which are which (unless you’re seeing some EXIF data that I’m not seeing.)

      They’re all excellent pictures, and I suspect Matthieu is so talented that he would get excellent pictures no matter what camera he used! But it seems clear that a rangefinder camera is best suited to his style of vision.

    • Why is that so hard to believe? Photography is not fine art and one year is more than enough to pickup some good skills. Just try to draw something and I will give you my ”very expansive” pencil.
      Very nice images BTW !
      But, too technical and lacking of the conceptual basis.

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