My New Challenge: Black and White Landscape By Dirk

My New Challenge: Black and White Landscape

By Dirk


I decided I need a new challenge in photography. Thirty years ago, I printed black and white landscape. After a move I didn’t have a darkroom anymore and it stopped. Some years ago I started shooting medium format. My favorite camera was the Mamiya 7 rangefinder with the 43mm lens.


I started shooting landscape again. I discovered I could directly use all my darkroom experience in Photoshop. This week I bought a 6×9 technical camera. I’m going for serious landscape now, with a camera with movements. I hope to make about ten good images a year. I very much enjoy going to the basics of photography. I know the Sony A7R with the Canon 17mm tilt – shift is better, but I don’t care: there is simply no comparison. I get my images printed with an inkjet on Hahnemühle baryta. I like grain and thus I shoot with 400 ASA film.

Here are a few images, shot with the Mamiya 7 with the 43mm lens:

The Bernia mountain range, Costa Blanca, Spain, orange filter.

Bernia mountain

Schelde river at Antwerp, red filter; this image was on my first roll off the Mamiya.

River Schelde, Antwerp

A village in the Ardennes, shot with an orange filter.



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  1. Hi Dirk,
    a great way of enjoying photography.
    I think that’s where is all about,
    making pictures in which we can express ourselves
    and we feel at the end…. just great.
    Wonderful pictures, just one thing, don’t get me wrong
    the photo of the Schelde is tipping down on the left
    side about 0,90º I corrected it for myself and the picture
    gains much more depth. Sorry for saying Dirk, if I didn’t
    like your work so much, i would have shut up 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love black and white landscapes. It’s the subtle shades that attracts me. Thanks for the beautiful images.

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