My $3 wonder, the classic Ricoh FF-90 Review By Brandon Huff

My $3 wonder, the classic Ricoh FF-90 Review

By Brandon Huff


Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great day today! I recently acquired a new to me Ricoh FF-90 film camera. Gotta love the local Goodwill! After buying it I wanted to put it to use so away I went.

I took the Ricoh FF-90 to the river hoping to get some great shots of people and the group I was with, I got a few but noticed some small issues with this camera. This could easily be that it was a Goodwill camera and had some issues from the owner misusing it or just due to age, who knows. However when this camera does focus right and focus well, the camera has pretty well photo quality even though I am using not very good film for this test (just some cheap CVS Kodak film) I may put some Porta 160 in this camera to see how much better it is then update this review with better photos. To me, the lens looks good so far.

My favorite part of this camera over the Contax T2 that I have been using is it is way quicker, though more cheaply made it still feels great in the hand, when I took this on the river I had to keep it in a small waterproof box attached to my belt loop which wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever but good enough to be able to get some good photos. I could easily and quickly grab it out and take a picture then hurry and put it in before the rapids came. When you place film inside this little camera it automatically winds it and tells you the ISO by itself. It’s practically a fully automatic analog camera which is nice for a point in shoot sometimes. So yea, this is indeed a Point and Shoot. Nothing fancy, nothing exotic..just a good old-fashioned P&S film camera.

Kyle, mid day AZ sunshine on the river – Ricoh FF-90

Kyle tube

The colors are actually quite nice even with very cheap film about 8 dollars for 3 rolls, if I was to put Porta 160 in here and the camera focused correctly I bet it would be quite superb..I love Portra!

Sarah Ricoh FF-90


Group Photo Ricoh FF-90 – others that were on the river that day..

Group photo

Group of tubes Ricoh FF-90



Focus issue 2


Focus prob

This camera has made many of my photos unusable as it did not focus correctly on many occasions.  It either focused really close or behind the subject which is quite…. odd, but when it works well the images do come out nice and I enjoy the images this camera gives! I must say for 3 dollars from Goodwill this camera is terrific even if it is a little sketchy but hey,  you can’t beat that price! I will be keeping this camera as a backup or carry while hiking kind of camera! Id say if you can find one for under 8 dollars go for it! It’s a great cheap alternatives to the higher rated point and shoots and isn’t that bad of quality!

Thank you everyone for reading!


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  1. Cooooool! Great pictures! I really love my Olympus XA. FF 35mm f2.8 in pocket size and with range finder. Who can beat this in digital form? Nobody! 😉

  2. Love the photos, particularly “Group of Tubes” and “Landscape.” Giving old cameras a chance is fun and often rewarding. But think about it, you are not getting a great number of photos that you thought worthy of shooting…The camera ends up disappointing, and costing a lot more than $3.

  3. I always root for the underdog, thrift store point & shoots included. One of the best tests to see what a camera is capable of is to load some slide film and project it!

  4. Make the best of your ‘young’ years … but I see you are … Seriousness and work will show up by itself, fun and enjoyment not always … so keep grabbing it. As for photographic ventures – switch to a camera that gives you correctly focussed images, it may be a less intruiguing photo gear experience but a much more intruiging photo experience 🙂

  5. Unless you are an expert in 35 mm, I prefer to use my last roll of film in SLR camera and glasses

  6. Great that You are brave enough to tackle this old film cam and try to get something useful out of it. I think You did well. Looks like You all had a lot of fun on the water. The colours of Your pics remind me of a time a long long time ago ( sniff). Cheers & all the best.

  7. Irregardless of the camera, you have a fantastic lifestyle brother, taking those candid snaps of good times fooling around at the river… Priceless. Bravo, keep up the good work!

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