Shanghai Street Life By Massimiliano Farinetti

Shanghai Street Life

By Massimiliano Farinetti

Shanghai is a fascinating city.

It is not China, is also China.

The encounter between tradition and modernity lives just turning the streets of the old town, the part of town that is fortunately preserved from the modernization moving on … I am used to stay in Nanjing Rd. every time I go there (once every year) so it is not difficult to me to walk the narrow old streets Here you can see the lanes closed by gates within which everyday life and hard work of these people carry on If you do not go you can not figure it out.

Turn on the streets of Shanghai, from the photographic point of view, a continuous discovery of subjects, views ready to immortalize. It is not to do with a bulky SLR: you must have a device quick and discreet as only a modern mirrorless can be (or a Leica, if you can afford it). A camera that allows to focus on the photo to take and not on what you have in your hand to take it.

All shots made with all Sony Nex 6 + Voigtlaender Color Skopar 35/2, 5 MC, raw files converted to B&W in LR4.3 with a personalized preset

Massimiliano Farinetti

Shanghai (12)

Shanghai (13)

Shanghai (15)

Shanghai (16)

Shanghai (17)

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  1. I really like these. Great work. It is sad that the images are so small. Is this the new format or can we see more than those tiny jpegs ?

  2. Hello Massimiliano,

    I think it’s fantastic that you are choosing Shanghai to do some street work, I went to the Shanghai French Concession, near Xin Tian Di; that’s a good place to grab some photos.

    I have to be honest -and this is just my 2 cents-: I am not impressed by the composition nor the subject arrangement, it feels like you’re not connecting with your photography. It’s hard for the audience to grasp a concept when the elements are too fuzzy/messy…or maybe that’s the concept itself, but still it’s a bit of a burden to the eye. aesthetically unpleasing.

    Like for example: the 2nd image. I bears too many lines, the cart stands out too much and the subjects have almost the same tonality compared to the background. It feels as if they “camouflage” with their environment .

    A better example would the the last image: I can see the vendor, the stove and the businessman, it feels cleaner.

    Then again, it might be just my preference.

    Keep it up!

  3. Good shots and nice BW with the small NEX…
    street-photo and street-food 😉

  4. I have a sony a6000 and I feel that I don’t get noticed as much because the camera looks less imposing because its smaller. Therefore, I get candid shots with comparable quality. You could totally get the same quality with a DSLR.

  5. A nice set of images! I live in Shanghai since a year and it’s an absolute fantastic place for street photography. I’m also a bit puzzled by the framing and cut of heads. Next time, get closer.

    • “You must have a device quick and discreet as only a modern mirrorless can be (or a Leica, if you can afford it)”.
      The noisy flap of the mirror and the bulkiness of a big black dslr usually are enough to make heads turn and ruin the spontainety of the shot…

    • I didn’t say that…but believe me in those narrow streets it is easier to shoot with a non-intrusive tool instead of a sort of brick camouflaging you 😉

  6. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.
    Reminds me of our own time spent in magical Shang-Hai last year.

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