The Samsung NX Mini By Milo Hess

The Samsung NX Mini

By Milo Hess


Thank you Steve for the opportunity. Been following your excellent blog from the beginning!

This is going to be a mini review. No not the Austin Mini or mini cupcakes but the recently introduced Samsung NXMini.

Marketed pretty much as a selfie camera for tweens/teens I had my doubts. What am I going to do with a selfie camera?….I’m not a fan of any pictures of myself let alone selfies taken by me. By way of background I currently shoot photojournalism ( media credentialed) for a few weekly newspapers here in NYC….shooting news, lifestyle, documentary, street as well as events both personal and business. In the past I have been an award-winning art director in broadcasting working in network and cable news and as an art director/graphic designer in the corporate world. I am very particular what my imagery looks like always trying for something a little different with what I guess is a graphic eye. With a sense of humor as well when possible. For full disclosure I am a Samsung Imagelogger testing out their new products as well.

Again what am I doing with a selfie camera? Using it as a terrific tiny everyday, always have it with you, walk the streets, interchangeable lens miniature dslr that has excellent optics, does RAW, has wifi, a larger than normal for a camera of this size 1” sensor, 20.5 megapixels and a flip screen. This camera to my surprise is a tiny gem. Fun, solid, very small and a kick to use. The lens quality ( there is a kit lens 9-27 and a 9mm prime) is surprisingly good. In fact the sharpness is extraordinary for such tiny optics. Yes the buttons are somewhat small and the screen can be hard to see in bright sunshine. … then again not unlike many small compact cameras on the market. This for me is a camera to always have with you for those moments. Not your smart phone. It’s fast, fun with quality output. Would I shoot an entire paying assignment with it? Prob not…although I have used it for a few newspaper images. A selfie cam that does much more than selfies. And a pretty damn good one at that.


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  1. I’ve been using the Nikon 1 series for a year now and what I love about it is that it’s super light, super fast, and super quiet. I’ve been trying larger sensor cameras in short bursts, but they don’t have the light, fast, and quiet of the Nikon. I’ve been watching the Mini lately, though, because it’s even lighter! It looks as if it might not be that fast, though, in comparison to the Nikon 1 series…. Any thoughts on this?

    • Would I shoot auto racing on assignment with the mini?…probably not. Would it capture some frames using burst mode probably.

  2. Amazing photos! Just proves the old argument…it’s more the photographer…and not as much the camera! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. … I wanted to add, I was much more interested in the photos you took than what the photos were taken with, as it should be.

  4. Admittedly, it would be all to easy to write off the camera you used because it may not appear to have really high specs and all the hype like a lot of other mirrorless cameras have received recently, but your thoughtful composition and skilled use of the camera really negates anything negative I might have wanted to state if I hadn’t seen what the camera is capable of doing in the right hands.

    Nice photos!

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