Dogstreets: Mans best friend By Brigitte Hauser

Dogstreets: Mans best friend 

By Brigitte Hauser

Dear Brandon, Steve and Readers

The daily inspiration from all over the world makes me happy and smiling almost every day. Thanks a lot.

I am an amateur photographer and I like street photography. Since our old dog Murphy has died in the beginning of 2014 I see a lot more dogs in the streets than before!


So I started my dogstreets project.

Taken in Nice (France), with Sony rx 1.



Near Portofino (Italy) also with Sony rx 1.



Taken in Zurich, Switzerland with Nikon Df and Leica Monochrom.



The last pic shows Pablo our new dog by LMono, it is a “street dog” from Spain.


As you see I use three cams. (I would prefer only one with only one lens) The one I use most is Sony rx1 because of its size. Focusing is sometimes e bit slow. I adore the LMono. But with Leica I need two hands free for focusing. And with a young dog at the doglead – very very difficult:-) That’s why I also use the Df although it’s a bit bulky for streets especially with Nikkor 58, 1,4. But super lens.

Enjoy the pics.


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  1. nice shots…Brigitte seems to have a nice inner soul too…
    I like the subject, I like the style…
    I wish you long. years of happyness with your new dog!

  2. Love the second, third last (near water) and second last (public transport), these definitely have the essence of classical street! Great series and hope you are getting on well with your new puppy!

  3. Lovely series, especially the first and last. We have one too; our Fuzzy, a homeless street dog we adopted 7 years ago.

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