My People Pics with a Nikon D600 By Yopin Welly

My People Pics with a Nikon D600

By Yopin Welly

Hi Brandon,

I’m Yopin Welly and I currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love taking portraits of people and doing street photography. My current setup is Nikon D600 with 3 set of primes ( 28mm 1.8G , 50mm 1.4D, and 85mm 1.8G), all those lenses are beautiful, did use Canon 5D mark 2 and Nikon D7000 in the past too. I do shoot film occasionally with my Nikon F100.

One day  showed some pics i have taken to my friends and one of ’em told me “try post it to stevehuff !”, so i decided why not post it in SteveHuff too, after all i do have my online gallery which is

Photo details :

Oh What a Day: Nikon D600 + 28mm 1.8G / ISO 400; f 4; 1/125s

YOP_0621 2

People Around Us Portraits Series: Nikon D600 + 35mm f2 Ais / ISO 100; f5.6; 1/160s


People Around Us Portraits Series: Canon 5D mark 2 + 40mm 2.8 STM / ISO 200; f 4; 1/80s


cheers, YW

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  1. Great picture, Yopin! Just one thing, though…I don’t understand why people keep posting images from camera or lens that’s not mention in the title

  2. @kelvin ; thanks mate.

    @Dan S : I usually bring a simple lighting setup(one flash with softbox/octabox) with me whenever I do the People around us portraits.

  3. Great pictures. Do you add the highlights on the face/body in post or are people naturally shiny in Jakarta ? Looks almost like taken with flash..

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