Daily Inspiration #665 By Jonas Aronsson

Hi Brandon,

This year in Sweden is filled with political rallies and meetings. We recently had the elections to the European union parlament and later this fall we’ll have elections to Swedish parlament as well. This of course leads to public political rallies all over the country.

Living in Gothenburg, second largest city in Sweden, we get our share of things so to say. I have submitted five images from different protests or political happenings, all taken with my Leica M9 and Voigtländer Color Skopar II 35mm f/2.5.

This series of shots are all with the old Capa saying in mind; “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”.

1) Antifascist protest to support a young man nearly beaten to death by neo-nazis


2) Policeman and protester with a vuvuzela


3) Discussion between cop and protester


4) May day protest


5) Protest against the neo-fascist party “Sweden Democrats”, old and young, everyone showed up


Jonas Aronsson

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  1. grrr, vuvuzelas are enough reason to not play again the world cup in South Africa. Well, it seems extraordinary that Swedish need to use protests, at least in the first photographs seem a bit violent (if that wasn’t the case then is merit of the photographer), instead of use the judicial system…

    • Agree, Francis. The vuvuzelas really diminished the World Cup and I’m surprised to see anyone rattle-brained enough still going around like an infant demonstrating his ‘talent’. But then again, look at the other (well photographed) comrades..

  2. BTW, about the photos content: being able to publicy manifest about what you care for (naturally, with supervision to avoid bad elements creating troubles) is what DEMOCRACY is all about. But perhaps someone prefers a dictatorship in wich all seems regulated, the streets are quiet and the people walks around with bland expressions on their faces…

  3. Very nice Jonas!
    Also, these images does not depict the extreme left wing against neo fascists/nazists. There was alot of mum and pops and just regular Swedes being tired of the European right extremists. Let’s hope Sweden is not next country to fall. Keep it up

  4. Hi Jonas …I like your work…I’m a big fan of B&W….I like photo #2 particularly..
    Also I’m curious as to what Stig and Jan had to say in regard to your posted images.
    Cheers and thanks for sharing

  5. Du kanske skulle ha nämnt för en USA boende att dessa bilder visar extremvänstern (kommunister) i Sverige. Har inget med demokrati att göra.
    Bilderna ger fel signaler. Men är väl ‘fotokonsten’ du vill visa gissar jag men finns väl bättre motiv?
    Du måste vara modig/dumdristig i detta sammanhang och vet inte om referens till Robert Capa passar in här? Värre förstås, om du sympatiserar med våldsvänstern. Hoppas inte och du kanske representerade Pressen? Hälsar en gammal M4 nörd..

    • Stig, Capa tok så vidt meg bekjent nesten utelukkende politisk motiverte bilder. Og en hel masse krig. Eller? Personlig skulle jeg gjerne vært i Ferguson, Missouri og tatt lignende bilder. Totalt annen agenda på dagsorden, men garantert med masse føleler i luften.

      Jonas. jeg synes spesielt de to øverste er stemningfulle. Mycket bra, som dere sier. Selv om komunisme og demokrati ikke har en enkelt ting felles, som Stig helt riktig sier. Men jeg leser ikke dette som støtte for komunismen? Blir ikke det å strekke det litt langt? For meg handler dette om foto, hverken mer eller mindre.

      Hilsen Jan fra Amsterdam.

      • And this:
        “Stig, Capa took so far as I know almost entirely politically motivated pictures. And a whole lot of war. Or? Personally I would like been in Ferguson, Missouri and all similar images. Total other agenda on the agenda, but definitely with lots of feeling s in the air.

        Jonas. I think especially the top two are atmospheric. Extremely good, as you say. Although komunisme and democracy do not have a single thing in common, as Stig rightly says. But I do not read this as support for komunismen? Will not that be stretching it a bit far? For me this is about photography, neither more nor less.

        Regards Jan from Amsterdam

    • Google translate gives us:

      “You might have mentioned to a US residents to these pictures shows the extreme left (communists) in Sweden. Has nothing to do with democracy.
      The images give the wrong signals. But is well ‘photographic art’ to view, I guess, but there’s better motive?
      You have to be brave / foolhardy in this context and does not know if the reference to Robert Capa fit into this? Worse, of course, if you sympathize with the violent left. Hope not, and you may represent pressure? Greet an old M4 nerd ..

      • Almost spot on, Gary. Mr. Stig Palm is lecturing Mr. Aronsson on politics when I believe the intention was to show photography? “Motiv” should have been translated “subject”, as in the subject of the photos; these were not appropriate subject for photography on an American blog by Mr. Palms standards.

        And that is known as “janteloven” in Scandinavia btw, the act of getting into other peoples business if they do not conform. Sameness ranks well above uniqueness up there.

        Substitute “pressure” for “the (news) press” and you have the meaning intact, at least.

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