The Greek Holidays with a Fuji X100s By Joao Marques

The Greek Holidays with a Fuji X100s

By Joao Marques

My name is João Marques i`m an amateur photographer living in Lisbon and i would like to tell about my experience, this holidays, in choosing which camera to take.

So this year my vacations were on the beautiful greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos. When i was making my bag i had a hard decision to make, wich gear should I take? My options were carrying my heavyweight equipment: canon5d2+zeiss 21 2.8+sigma 35 1.4+ canon 70-200 2.8 IS II+manfrotto tripod+ lee filter set. Or go with my every day camera, the small, beautiful and excellent Fuji X100s. Since I had to take 7 flights in total, the choice was pretty easy, those were not a “photographic” vacations, my plan was to relax and bathing on the warmer mediterranean waters.

I chose only to take the Fuji.

Let me say now that I made the right choice, this small camera is the ideal tool for an uncompromised work with a good image quality in a very light package, instead of carrying KGs of equipment and being worried all the time of being robbed in the hotels, the 500gr of the Fuji let me use it all the (at the beach, night, etc). Another reason that everyone has already talked about, is the casual look that you have when you photograph with one of this beauties on your hand, it’s completely different when you approach someone with heavyweight cameras and lens, people tend to be intimidated with that kind of equipment.

There were a few times that I missed my other gear, specially in some pictures were I wished more DOF and in some sunsets, but the happiness of being free of the extra kgs, surpass every tiny feeling for the canon.

One and a very important thing, my girlfriend loved the idea of me just having the small camera at my disposal, she knew that I wouldn`t take too much time setting the tripod, filters, lens etc. It was a winning decision in every angle 🙂

Now for the best part the photos, when I arrived I didn`t know what I want to photograph, but one thing I was sure, I didn’t want to go for the classic postcard photographs that you see from Santorini or Mykonos, and didn`t want also to have the pressure of photographing, so I decided to go with the flow and be alert to whatever events I might encounter. I set the camera to b&w and these were the moments that I was fortune to capture.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wish you all the best,









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    • Hello CJ. Some pictures are SOC and other i did minor adjustments in Lightroom (clarity, contrast, vignetting) but i did not use a preset, i went with the flow. Sorry if i can`t help you more, but feel free to ask me more questions.

  1. Really nice pictures from the framing point of view, but honestly I am missing the color! Greece and Portugal (especially Lisbon) are so colorful…At least for me it kills the summer mood…

    • Hello Matt :). I understand your point of view, but i`m a b&W guy. You are absolutely right the colors from Portugal and Lisbon are just amazing.

  2. I just got back from Alaska and took both my X100 and my XPro 1 with a 18 -50 mm. Reflecting back on my trip, choice of equipment and the resulting beautiful images, my photographic needs would have been mostly met taking jut the X100.

  3. Enjoyed the post and your photos, João, thanks for sharing! The last trip I went on, instead of taking my usual choice of my 5D Mk2 + 50mm 1.2, I took my X100 (original version). Was very happy with my choice for all the same reasons you mentioned.

  4. 5 is very nice indeed. I agree with you that X100 or X100S are great cameras. You can’t do all but al lot indeed. Life is a matter of compromises.

  5. Oh my, I’ve just managed to resist temptation for getting x100s for myself. But after watching these it seems impossible anymore

  6. Beautiful, artistic photos that really capture the feel and mood without being touristy. I too take only the x100 on vacation. It’s a versatile, powerful, stealthy camera. Never once felt the need for more kit.

  7. Oh…also….couple questions:
    1. Did you shoot these in BW mode or convert?

    2. Did you shoot most of them pretty wide open?

    3. Any of these using the ND filter?


  8. Beautiful job. I too, struggle with the gear load. I have the 5DMKII and a host of L’s….yet, taking the Fuji’s just makes sense and lessens the stress. I carry a small bag with either my X100s and Leica M6 or the x100s w/ the X-T1 56mm on it. That way, I have the length w the 56mm or if I need wide, I just grab the x100s. But, there’s never been a situation where the x100s just didn’t work….sometimes you just have to be a little creative….which also is a good thing. Great job!

  9. Tbh, for these images, as nice as they are, you should have taken your 5DII with the 35 Sigma. Easy to carry around (unless you have a physical problem), and so much better IQ.

    • Sorry, can’t see what’s wrong with the IQ here – some sharp, some soft, and all very much in key with their subjects – and a great encouragement to a new X100S user in terms of the kind of composition that works with 35mm. Thanks Joäo.

          • Hello Guys. So it`s not worth it to get into this kind of discussion 🙂
            Everyone knows that it`s not the camera that take the picture, and in this case i`m happy with the results, and for me that`s the most important. Off course if i`ve taken the same picture with better equipment the IQ would have been better, that`s a fact, but the internet is full of amazing IQ images that in the end really don`t tell any story, and for me as an amateur on vacations, i was not pursuing the ultimate IQ for my pictures, and it`s not just the IQ that makes a good photo. So please guys don`t waist time in this, and let´s focus in pleasure that photography gives to which one of us.

            Regards to both.

          • As I said Joao, I like the images. But you yourself introduced the rather irrelevant “what gear” discussion, so I commented on that as well.
            Bigger sensor means greater image quality, all other factors being equal, which they usually are not. It’s a simple concept, though for some hard to grasp.

            It wouldn’t have made any difference to your images of course.

          • Michiel…as someone who shoots a 5D2 and an X-Pro….the differences in image quality are negligable at best. In fact in some situations the Fuji has BETTER image quality than the 5D2 (dynamic range for one).

          • I don’t believe that you’re really looking at the images… If you were you’d see that at the sizes that they appear on this website that they’re plenty sharp. I don’t believe that you’d be saying that they’d be better if they were shot with a larger format camera if you hadn’t read the text before the photos here. In light of that it seems that you aren’t really basing your opinions of how the photos actually look… which of course is the only thing that matters.

            The X100s is a camera that though very compact is well known for excellent IQ and understanding that you wouldn’t be surprised that the photos look that good. The images are very good and I could believe that a with a bigger, bulkier camera the photographer might not have gotten the same sorts of shots. He might have left a bigger camera in a bag more often and thus missing some of the great moments here. A camera is really only as good as the moments that you’re able to capture with it…. right?

  10. Hi Joao, why did you leave your country? To take beautiful pictures that you would have taken at home in 10 minutes, too?

    I’m Joking!

    • Hello Carlos, 🙂 i left my country to Greece because i`ve promised my Girlfriend these vacations :). Yes i know, it`s possible to take beautiful pictures in Portugal as well, and when you look at it, it`s possible to take beautiful pictures everywhere :). Having small cameras helps a lot too 🙂

      • you missed, what I wanted to say. I understand why you went there. All fine.
        I found it interesting, that those pictures could have been taken in portugal and many people wouldn’t have noticed, because of the similar characters and landscapes.
        I know Greek are different and their landscapes have something other than the portuguese…
        this is no offence or validation.
        I like the pictures, they just resembled……….
        Have fun…

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