LBGT London Pride festival By Dougie Digital Dawg

LBGT London Pride festival

By dgd

Hi Brandon, Steve, Everyone

LBGT+ London pride festival is held every year-end of June. Thousands gather to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

Begins at Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes’ :)), THEN makes its way through Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Sqaure. This was my first time.  I was near Trafalgar Square I have never experienced such a wonderful public gathering as I did in LBGT.  I felt the most free, happy, joyous amongst people like I’d never felt before. I have been to many festivals, outdoor concert, sports, Olympics. Been around people from over 100 countries. Sometimes I been to church, mosque, synagogue, Sikh Hindu Buddhist temples, Hari Krisha.  I’ve visited spiritual places.  None of these were as blissful for me when being around people as LBGT.

When I thought about it afterwards it is because only LBGT welcomes everyone with open arms. Whoever they maybe, however they may look, whatever their cultural religious social outlook.I am usually uncomfortable taking photos of strangers. This time I felt so at ease. I took over 200 photos with Olympus c5050 (2003 compact, F1.8 with swivel screen). From these 200 I chose those eleven which reflected the emotion, inclusivity, warmth of LGBT.

Best regards
dgd aka dougie digital dawg

1 P6290046

2 P6290085

3 P6290067

4 P6290510

5 P6290119

6 P6290118

7 P6290129

8 P6290265

9 P6290314

10 P6290398

11 P6290538

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  1. Thank you Steve for posting this. Thank you everyone who commented & viewed.
    USA has about two million homeless kids every year,
    many of them due to homophobia in the home.

  2. Thank you for sharing. What interests me is that even if the New Testament is right about sexuality (and what it says isn’t necessarily clear, but that is way off-topic and I am not an expert) there certainly isn’t any excuse for treating another person badly – and that is just by the NT’s own standards. No if’s, no maybes, no exceptions.

    A technical note: the Protect the Human stickers that some people stuck on their faces seem to stand out so much it looks like they were pasted in post-exposure. Perhaps it’s a characteristic of the sensor that creates such a stark contrast between natural colours like skin and artificial, neon-like colours.

  3. I missed my Pride fest this year, due to rain. They are wonderful events, and yes, they open their arms to everyone. I just don’t understand the hate and fear directed toward them.

    I love you photos.

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