Daily Inspiration #693 By Jan H. Maaso

Hello Brandon and Steve,

I would very much like to submit three photos for your “daily inspiration”.

My name is Jan and I have been taking photos for two years now. Before that, I took snapshots while on holiday for many years, all very, very bad, but that was it – never anything more.

So, then I got my first digital camera, one with a lens that came off to boot, and I found it pretty good fun. Which in turn lead me to pick up two Nikon V1’s for X-mas presents as they were dirt cheap and apparently not at all bad. Alas, the one I got for my wife was not “good enough” for her, and I thought: well, damn! I bet it is for me. And of course, it was. What a great learning tool it is, I have not picked up my first camera since early last spring.

Anyway, as a severely disabled person, I only managed to use my V1 outdoors a total of five times last year. I was having to learn while hanging out through the window. But it really helped keep me sane all the same, and gave me some purpose on endless days.

All three pictures are from my walks around Amsterdam. That’s right: walks. I’ll spare you all the long story about the experimental treatment and a winter spent at a hospital fighting for my life. The only thing you need to know is that the V1 ROCKS!!! What a crying shame Nikon is neglecting this format so badly.

I am submitting two pictures taken with the 6.7-13mm zoom and one with the 30-110mm, I love them both. I must have taken about seven or eight thousand frames with the 30-110mm zoom – it was the only one that was usable from my window up high and let me achieve some kind of subject isolation. Now that has all changed, of course; I am able to just pick up my V1 and walk out the door and into the fresh air. Life is pretty good. = )

Submitted by Jan H. Maaso, Zeedijk 65-A, 1012 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
More of my photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/janmaaso/

Oh, and thanks for a great blog! Love it.




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  1. I initially wasn’t going to say anything about the photos, but I looked through your Flickr account and I found the shots of people on bikes. Put together as a collection, those shots work very, very well. 🙂

    I agree with your opinion of the Nikon 1 system. It isn’t for me but I do respect it a lot. If I were a press photographer I’d find this camera more practical and logical than a DSLR. One day I might buy a V1 just to play with.

    • Karim, that really warms my heart.

      When being stuck indoors month after month, the top of peoples heads on the street below was just about the only thing visible to me. And learning panning was the only way I could think of to make a vantage point like that even slightly interesting.

      And like in almost all situations, the V1 just made it so easy, it just always rises to the challenge. If the light is good, there are few things this camera cannot do.

  2. Just to say, I really like people who reply to the comments they get on daily inspiration! It’s often missing. And I like your first image because it catches a mood and your last one because it’s just so extraordinary! (And, by the way, no need to reply to this!!)

  3. Hey Jan, great to see your images here! Keep going with that V1! See you soon.

    All the best,


  4. I really like some of the shots from your flickr account. Cooling off, outreach, and downtown Amsterdam. Keep up the good work.

  5. cool images. thank you. and yes, you are right, the little nikon is a great camera. love the results.
    i hope you find lots of time to enjoy some more foto walks

    • thanks Anthony, it sure is. I am actually heading out today (oct. 11th) for a Flickr photo-walk taking place in cities all over the world. what a great community this is, and a great activity.


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