Daily Inspiration #712 By Vladimir Ondrejovic

Hello Brandon, Steve,

I’ve already introduced myself few months ago in my first daily inspiration, praising the Ricoh GR. Currently, I entered the world of micro four thirds, buying Olympus E-M10 with the Zuiko 17mm 1.8. I am getting used to the 35mm FOV, since I am mainly 50mm shooter.

The E-M10 is a perfect travel camera with lightning fast autofocus, and the high ISO performance is quite astonishing, it runs circles around my old Sony A57. Take a look at some photos from my recent trip to Taiwan and Vietnam. The camera withstanded some heavy rain, high temperatures and 80% air humidity. So far, it didn’t disappoint me in any way, and I would like to thank Steve for the short review of it, that inspired me to buy the camera.

As of the Zuiko lens, some reviews say that it is not quite a sharp one, but trust me, it is as sharp as you’ll ever need and the bokeh and colours coming from it are beautiful. Also the good microcontrast makes your raw files a bit more maleable before the fall apart. Anyway, it’s not about cameras, it’s about you, my friends!

All the best,





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    • Try to do some random testing by comparing FF pics vs M43′. The differences start to become visible only from a certain size. If we stay around the usual application of a consumer or enthusiast, no difference is obvious. I guess it is more of a psychological thing that FF must be better than smaller sensors. BTW I am talking about last generation m43 sensors. The harsh comments against m43 might come from older m43 sensors. However, here I see no flat pics, but PP a bit overdone to my personal taste, nevertheless very nice.

        • I’m shooting 25 mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8, 60mm f2.8 on EM1 AND EM10 very often wide open except 60mm as macro…

          When I compare shots to what I made on Canon 5D with 24..105mm zoom the 43 stuff with wide open primes pop more and never look flat.

          The 5D and “L” lens were great but very heavy and I couldn’t afford the primes with 1.4..1.8 because they had to be stabilization. Heavy…big…expensive. I shoot covers for a 6 x 9 meditation quarterly. Also food shots for burger cookbook and wensite.

          Bob Gallagher

    • I agree with Dave, M43 sensors have come a long way and they seem to have really hit a sweet spot in the last few years. I think comparisons are always good so that you can see the cost vs benefit of upgrading because you can always get better sensors but it may cost you an organ or two.

      Nice pics Vlado, nice to hear that the E-M10 is able to handle the conditions over there.

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