Dancing in the Snow By Chris Dikos

Dancing in the Snow

By Chris Dikos

I took these shots on my day off with my daughter (and eager model).  We got hit with a snow storm and what better way to enjoy a cold heavy snow than go out outside and dance.  I’ve been visiting this site for several years and thoroughly enjoy all the reviews, photos and inspirations.  Thanks!

These were taken with my Sony NEX-7 paired with the Sony Zeiss 24mm 1.8.  






I evenwrote a corny, Clement Clark Moore inspired short poem about our little adventure.  I hope you enjoy.

“It was the day before Thanksgiving with a turkey to make, a snow storm was raging all through my home State.  My daughter woke up with visions of snow running through her head; but wanting to spin, twirl and jump instead of sled.  She donned her outfit and grabbed me with my camera and out the backdoor we went in an impromptu manner.  The flakes were falling fast and the weather was cold, was this being crazy or just being bold?  We found a good spot and she started her plie, while I adjusted my settings without much delay.  I took plenty of shots, most of them iffy, but the ones that I kept I think are rather nifty.  So here they are; Dancing in the Snow.  My daughter and the weather put on a great show!”


Chris Dikos

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  1. the idea is so great, I love it, but the results are imho too close, when I think about dacing, I want to see the whole body, with the legs and feets. the second one goes in th at direction, so I love it most.

    • Thanks for the feedback! There were a few full body shots that I took that frankly were not that good. Something to work on in the next snow storm.

    • I agree far too close. I also want to see those ballet hands and fingers. One more thing thats slightly off putting is the snow going over her face. Sort of detracts from her eyes. Maybe try next snow storm placing her under some cover of some kind. Still very nice work though. Congrats

  2. Utterly charming! You and she will treasure these forever.

    My typical dad’s complaint: if only I could drag mine from her computer long enough (we also don’t get snow, but anyway).

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