London with my new Coolpix A By Kelsey Horne

London with my new Coolpix A

By Kelsey Horne

Hi Brandon and Steve,

Before travelling to London this Christmas, I wanted to get a camera that didn’t sacrifice on image quality but would still fit in my jacket pocket, no case, no strap, no heavy DSLR around my neck all day. After seeing the great deal on your site for the Nikon Coolpix A, I decided to pick one up after reading your review. I figure $700 off the retail price is a good deal:)


There is something about the way this camera renders the image that feels special to me. I wasn’t sure how I would like the 28mm focal length but after a couple of days of shooting it grew on me and I found it hit the sweet spot for shooting landscape and people. Sure it has some issues but having a large sensor in camera that is truly pocketable is worth dealing with the slow auto focus.

London is beautiful this time of year with the lights – contrasted by the old architecture. I shot more than usual because the camera was so easy to take with me no matter where we ventured.






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  1. I have a Coolpix A since May ’14, and when I cast an account of the year I realized that the majority of my best pictures were taken by this camera. There is some magic in the rendering of this sensor-lens combo, what is very attractive and emotional. Also very detailed not having a low pass filter. I bought refurbished and it will serve for a long time I figure.

  2. Kelsey-
    Lovely shots. I’m wondering if you sent a 3rd one that wasn’t posted (since it seems Brandon posted the same shot twice). In either case the blur in the photo in the alley actually makes the photo better. Sometimes unplanned situations turn into magic. The sunset shot is also beautiful.

    If I didn’t already own an X100S, I would have grabbed one of these for the reason you mention. Having an APS-C sensor camera you can fit in your pocket is excellent! I hope Sony brings out a fixed lens RX camera with an APS-C sensor. I bet with a 35mm equivalent lens, Sony could make it barely larger than the RX100. That would be lovely. Until then my X100S is my small, take everywhere camera.


  3. Very nice images. Why are two of them the same?
    The AF is not slow if you set the switch on the side correctly – slower than a DSLR of course, but fine for most things except focus tracking which sucks

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