Daily Inspiration #750 By Ron Grauer

Hi Brandon and Steve

First off all, thank’s for keeping this blog as it is, interesting and honest.

This is my first try on the Daily inspiration post. I’ll start with some street photography picture from the city I live, Brussels.
Why not, going later for different other cities where I keep going to, like London, Paris, Marrakech,…

I shoot for the last 5 years with mirror less camera, and edit them most of the time in B&W in Lightroom.
Those pictures where shot with the Sony next 6/7, Fuji XT1 (fuji-x-t1-ergonomic-dyi-improvements-by-ronald-grauer/) and the X20.
I’ve sold every thing (keep my X20 as my backup camera), and I’ll go back to Sony in January/February which is the the brand, follow my opinion, that makes the smallest, fastest camera and have a great IQ. Lets no argue or confirm this, it’s not the point of this post.

So here are few pictures I took, between 2012 and 2014. It’s a selection of some photo that I particularly love for different reasons. It can be the mood, the framing, what happen in it or simply a good souvenir…
Hope you and the readers will like them. All comments are welcome!

If you like my work, you can check my site: www.ronaldgrauer.com

Or follow me on Facebook, where I post every day one picture: ron grauer (from brussels)



NEX 6 – 1/500 sec – Canon FD lens 50 mm shot @ f 5,6 – iso 100.


FUJI XT1 – 1/500 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 6,4 – iso 320


FUJI XT1 – 1/1000 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 8 – iso 200


FUJI XT1 – 1/100 sec – fujinon 35 mm 1,4 shot @ f 10 – iso 200


FUJI X20 – 1/50 sec – f 6,4 – iso 320


FUJI X20 – 1/320 sec – f 5,6 – iso 200


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  1. Had a good look through your website. Wonderful photos. Love the dramatic use of shadows throughout all the genres.

  2. These are quite wonderful and the web site is well worth the time to look through. It’s especially noticeable in the street shots that near everything has a subject which is very well defined. I was reading something by Jay Maisel the other day that talked about (among other things) what he called gesture. I’d say these show a lot of what he was talking about. They say not here’s the street, but here, look at this particular aspect, these unique, essential elements. At times it results in a more minimalist approach than almost any other street shots I’ve seen, really strong design and composition. And the use of disembodied shadow (shadow upright as if it were itself the only figure present) is really interesting where it appears.

    Mr. Grauer, I enjoyed everything tremendously. Thanks.

  3. the first one is absolutely fantastic. the shadow of the building with the white lines looks like a piano. however, the other pictures are great too!

  4. These are fantastic, Ron! Wonderful. Brussels seems to be a truly beautiful city.

    I love your vision – bold and simple. And IMO, the best b&w is high contrast b&w. These photos work either as a collection or individually. I’ve seen photos not even half this good exhibited in galleries. I think your work is, if I may make a vague Seinfeld reference, gallery-worthy. 🙂

    BTW I am a Sony fan as well, though I use film cameras sometimes, too.

  5. I am not a street shooter and normally street shots don’t not touch me, but your images and your play with light and shadow are perfect and impressive!!
    Great images, Ron, thanks.

  6. I think the x20 is a special little compact. Great optical viewfinder. I don’t like looking at the world through an LCD. We get enough of “screens” in an average day. Photography SHOULD be an escape, (even with digital cameras).

  7. Nice to see a selection of photos that represent a body of work or a common theme, instead of just a random collection of snaps.

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