Daily Inspiration #765 By Chuck Wolfe

Brandon, here’s a troika for you and Steve, showing my native Seattle posing for the winter light.

I photographed these after an extended stay in Europe, as sort of way to remind me of the look and feel of my hometown. I have used these photos for my “night job” writing about cities (as Steve knows, I’m a lawyer by day), explaining how no captions are really needed to highlight the plain views of “context and color, light and dark, land and water, nature and structure, where people work and live and more”.

Funny thing: Other than the Sony A7S, which captured the floating bridge/Mount Rainier shot (with the Zeiss 24-70 FE lens), these photographs were not taken with cameras that I customarily use (or that you guys like to write about). ‘

Rather, Canon SLR’s set the tone! The “Mount Rainier in the trees” shot was taken with the Rebel SL-1 and Sigma 18-250 lens, and the Seattle Skyline shot with the new Canon 7D Mark II, with the 70-200 F4L USM. No one should accuse the new 7D of being just a sports and wildlife camera!

Happy New Year, and please keep up the great work.




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