Daily Inspiration #782 By Matthew Randall

Dear Steve, my name is Matt Randall and I am a photographer from the Uk.

I wanted to submit a daily inspiration post to your website in the hope you would publish it because it was a couple of your daily inspiration articles about using a Leica M9 for fashion photography that inspired me to take some of my own.

The posts are one from February 2012 by Simon Lipman and the other by Andy Lee from January 2013. When I saw these two articles about fashion photography it made me realise I could use the M9 for such shots when you mostly read about them being used for photojournalism etc.

Upon visiting your website for the first time I did not own a Leica camera but after reading many of your reviews and especially the ones mentioned above I was convinced to take the plunge and buy my own. I eagerly travelled to London with the intent on buying a Leica X2 but was even more thrilled to return home with a previously owned Leica M9, a 35mm Summarit lens and a 50mm Summicron f/2.0. This was just before the release of the M240 and they made me an offer just too good to refuse. It was a wonderful experience and taking photographs with the Leica M9 brings such a joy to my life.

All 3 of my submitted photographs were taken using my Leica M9 with a 50mm Summicron lens f/2.0, ISO 160 f/8.0 1/125sec. The photographs were taken indoors using 2 Elinchrom Style RX300 strobes after monitoring the lights using a Sekonic light meter.

I really hope you like them.

My website: www.mattrandallphotography.co.uk

Best regards
Matt Randall




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  1. Very nice, indeed. 🙂 Although I don’t really think I will ever use an M9, I do like it very much. Some of its capabilities are underestimated.

    The only nitpick I have is that the model looks like she is too close to the background.

  2. Hi Matt.
    Maybe it’s just me, but the pictures look a tiny bit sharper on your own website ?

    Regards Danny

  3. Superb photos of a really beautiful girl ! You can use a Leica rangefinder for more than reportage as this proves so well I know a few Leica shooters and none are involved in street photography. Most of the Leica shooters I know use 90mm lenses as part of their kit so it’s not all about wide angles either.

    The usual two lens kits are 35, 90 or 50, 90. One (lucky) guy has a load of lenses and multiple bodies digital and old film ones and has a really wide range of photographic interests from IR Landscape to travel.

    I also love the natural look of your photos and the beautiful lighting- 3rd is my favourite -thanks for posting. Please post more in the near future.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Pretty girl, I would take off the rings and keep only a nice one. I think they optically shorten the fingers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Matt,

    fantastic rich colors from the Leica glass, and I like the pics on your website (e.g. Landscapes), thanks for sharing with us

  6. Nice shots, Matt! I would have liked to see a larger series, though. I like photo no 2 the most. You probably did a whole set of photos of her. You have chosen three shots where she has pretty much the same expression in her eyes. I think I would have selected a series that captured different movements and expressions. But that’s only my humble opinion, nothing more. I like the individual shots.Thanks!

    • Hi Vegard, thank you for your comments about my photos and I appreciate your constructive criticism. The shots were taken for my girlfriends jewellery business and we wanted continuity within the shots but you are correct there are more photos. I only posted 3 because that was the requirements of this website.

  7. Great photos Matt …. I am also a fan of the M9 … using it is such a pleasure … and your results are so natural and clean with realistic tones …

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