Daily Inspiration #783 By Daniel

Hello Steve, Hello Brandon,

I’m Daniel, I live in Bordeaux France.I am an absolute fan of your site, so for images that are a real source of inspiration that your opinion on the material I found wiseand very close to our real concerns .

After a Nikon D300 (too heavy), a NEX7 with his Zeiss24 (too poorly constructed body), a OMDEM1 and the 12-60 zoom (too much 4/3 ) I just fall in love with my Fuji xt1 (14mm, 35mm, 18-55 and 55-200 … waiting for the 56mm).

What real photographer instrument, no frills and extraordinary image quality! And what lovely lenses! (a problem shoulders makes me choose light equipment and I’m not rich enough to dare to dream of a M240)

But Thursday, January 29, around 21h it was raining when I was going to get my wife to her painting classes. And the light through raindrops on the windshield of my car is totally heckled me: the light has is to dance, popping … (I had not drunk anything …)

I am rather of the kind sharpness lover goal that night I was just a light and rain lover.

Again thank you for your work, your site, your advice.

Daniel from Bordeaux France






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  1. Thank you for your comments,
    I am glad that you have enjoyed these photos.
    You can see examples of my work: Blurb.com, ask “Lehuby”
    I do travel books.
    best regards

  2. Very interesting and different. I really like the 3rd one because the colors pop.
    Nice work.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comments,
      I am glad that you have enjoyed these photos.
      I dropped M43 because I find that the sharpness is somewhat insufficient to achieve Blurb books 13×11 landscape. The result was much better with the Zeiss Nex 7 + 24. (see Blurb, ask “Lehuby” book example Pistoia)
      Plus I did not like the color rendering and modeling Olympus. But it is a strictly personal opinion.
      best regards

    • I also love the minimalistic and abstract photography.
      I had some disappointments with the M43. The OLY EM1+ 12-40 is a super nice and very complete combo, good sharpness but I did not get the rendering, 3D modeling and colorimetry I wanted. I tried the Pana-Leica 25mm which is a great lens too but nothing changed. So I switched to the FUJI system and I really prefer the result. I am impressed by the sharpness and quality results even direct jpeg.
      (health problems shoulders forcing me to choose light equipment)
      Best regards and good shots

  3. Daniel

    Images 3 & 4 really work for me. I suggest printing these. Large prints.

    This is an example that there is always an opportunity to make images if we keep our eyes open.


  4. Fuji imaging chips sure have their own unique saturated color look. No doubt this sets Fuji’s digital cameras apart from the rest.

    • Thank you for the comment.
      I think also that Fuji has a very special and awasome sensor.
      Best regards

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