Black & White with Leica M6, M9 and MM By Dan Bar

Black & White with Leica M6, M9 and MM

By Dan Bar

Hi Steve & Brandon! About 8 years ago a friend of mine , a well-known photographer in Israel told me he wanted to buy the new digital Leica M8. I thought very highly of him and decided to go and see the new wonder. Yes it was a Leica, looked like one and was VERY expensive.

I have always dreamed of one but never wanted to spend so much , so I offered the salesman my Canon 5D + some lenses and to my great amazement he agreed to switch. I had to add some money of course as I also wanted 2 lenses with it. Since then I sold the M8, bought the M9, than sold it for the MM .

I also had the M6 for some time but the trouble dealing with film and development made me sell it too.

The purchase of the M8 , MM and M6 incited my love for black and white again. With my Canon 5D I only shot color. There is something about Leica that draws the user to b&w and I don’t know why. This odd attraction made me buy the Leica MM which I think is a fantastic b&w camera, as close to film as can be ( at least in my opinion. ) I know Steve prefers the 240 and so does Mr. Thorsten Overgaard, ( he told me so). I love the 240 but i mainly use it for color photos but here are some of my B&W photos which I like and hope you will like too.

Thank you

M9\35 mm






Leica MM\35 mm


Leica MM\35 mm


Leica MM\ 35 mm










Leica MM\35mm


Leica MM\35


Leica MM\35


Leica MM\50mm


It is not easy to decide which photos to send, I am not saying I dont like color photos and yet BLACK & White has its uniqueness. I love your site and look at it on a daily basis.


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  1. Great series of black and white. It should remind us how great a b&w camera the M8 and M9 actually are, still a very good camera for thise who want a digital b&w and won’t jump onto the Monochrom yet. With eh M8 you can get going for $1,500 with a little patience (till the right offer comes by).

  2. Beautiful set of images. The MM does indeed do a special result.Eye, framing and moment are way mere important. The MM for me as away as a Super Nova, so film and my M3 totter on.

  3. Very nice work! The only think I do not like at all is the vignetting on shot #12.

    I like your aesthetic, overall. High contrast is the best! 😉

    I’m very surprised that Leica has not made monochrom versions of the S and T cameras.

  4. Love the M6/M9 photos most by far. Don’t care about the resolution and cleanliness of the MM in comparison.

  5. Very beautifull and interesting.
    For me personally, film photographs has their own and unique signature.
    Your B&W images from MM and M9 files are wonderful

    Thank You

  6. MM is a nice camera but how do go about it? I can’t see myself seeing I’m going to do B/W pics today and take it with me then miss out on what would be a really good colour photo. So M240 at least gives you that flexibility.

    • Yes i can understand the logic.
      But shooting with the MM changes your thinking and the way you look at the world

  7. I’m a huge fan of black and white, and this entire set has a very Henri Cartier-Bresson look/feel to them. Kudos to you! And the truck photo with the man napping, absolutely fantastic.


  8. Timeless images no 5,7 and 8 are my favorites -the MM images seem cleaner -but my takeaway point is that all the digital Leicas handle black and white very well.

  9. Amazingly good; I particularly like the triangle of elderly gentlemen (I happen to like triangles; they create tension), though the one with the small lorry is also beautiful. Shades of Capa for some reason.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Very nice images! Do you know why Mr. Ostergaard prefers the M240, because he is an Leica representative, and the M240 is not really an success, and hard to sell!

    • Thanks
      I am not sure, He owns the MM as well , as a represntative he should be interested in publicizing the MM as well, but he told me he put the MM aside and uses only the 240 . He seems very happy with the new M 240.
      When i first saw the M240 i thought the M9 was a better one, I even had some debate with Steve about it. He loved the camera the minute it was in the market. I think now he is right.It is a beautiful camera with fantastic outcomes although it has one annoying thing,It froze on me a few times ,which ment i had to pull out the battery . .
      I spoke with Leica Germany yesterday and they told me there is a new firmware coming in 3 weeks that will resolve the issue.

    • Thank you
      The “cow” was simple luck. i saw her chaising the farmer , reacted as fast as i could (. I dont shoot “A” . ) and was fortunate to get this result

    • I understand. I too had my doubts for a long time as i loved my M9. And yet you cannot imagine the joy shooting with the B\W camera

  11. These photos are beautiful! I feel inspired from this. I’m still fairly young, but I’ve been saving my way up to a leica for a few years now. Its hard to make a call between film and digital as I find myself attracted to both so much.

  12. Subtlety of the lady on staircase HCB would been happy to have taken.

    Trick to make digital look more as film without post processing
    choose rough backdrops:
    Eg rough walls, rough floors, rubbled streets.

  13. Some great shots here…filled with life’s textures. Thank you for sharing your fine work. Did the cowboy make it?

  14. Great images thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for your insight–I agree about the drive to do B&W.

  15. Dan,

    I have always enjoyed your articles. I spent the last two weeks rereading every article on the MM before contacting that fine gentleman Ken Hansen and traded my M7 and some cash for a new MM to complement my M240. It is truly a black beauty and I am having a blast using it, shooting for the highlights and processing.

    I agree with T Chen, can’t tell what decade your images were taken.

    • Thanks
      Indeed Ken is a lovely man , very trustful and has everything one needs.
      I feel the same as you do

  16. Thank you for sharing Dan.
    As much as I like some of your photos, I still wonder and would love to see a comparison with someone shooting both the MM and the M240 turned to B&W and see if there was a big difference, or none at all.


  17. Great photos, they have a timeless element to them. Some look like they could be from 50 years ago.

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