Daily Inspiration #796 By Gustav Glans

Hi there Huff´s!

I been eyyeing this site sinnce 2009, It have grown to one on my daily routine on the net, so thanks fo that!

Today I wanna share three pics with my X100LE, I’ve been swapping gear a lot the last 7 years, (like most of us do 🙂 But ive settled down with this basic camera from fuji. The weight is right, the fixed lens makes me so free in mind
The files from this bayer sensor is very organic, I love nature photo and I think x100 is made for this with its organic touch to the files. These three shots is from my lunch time at the job. I’m a courier and see a lot of beautiful places, and my x100 is always sitting next to me.




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  1. Organic? What does that mean? I would say the rendering is fine and delicate but lacks some of the punch of say a Canon or Sony. I wouldn’t say it is an ideal landscape camera as it is quite fussy about the light. If it is a bit hazy or bright the lower contrast is an issue. Anyway I too still love my X100 as a general purpose camera. I have recently posted a fresh set on flickr, including quite a few black and white conversions – and landscapes!

    • wrong comment on this forum…it is a Fuji so it must be a crap and produce a dull pictures 🙂

      (I am not serious and I own a Fuji : ) )

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