Daily Inspiration #808 By Hendra Prabowo


I’m a freelance photographer from Indonesia. On mid December last year I have a chance to visit Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta known as famous travel destination in Java. Its great city with many historical sites such as Sultan’s Palace, Hindu temple, and the Dutch fort. And its good to do some street photography there.
When I’m traveling I always bring my DSLR and film camera. But for this time I took different approach, I just bring my trusty Spotmatic for BW and Fuji Silvi f2.8 for color. And it end up that I took more picture with compact point and shoot.

The other photos from this series, http://hendraprabowo.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/jogja-istimewa/

And you can find me at Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/cakbowo/ or instagram @pakbowo

Thank you


Fujifilm Zoom Date f2.8 | Fuji C200

Fujifilm Zoom Date f2.8 | Kodak Colorplus 200

Fujifilm Zoom Date f2.8 | Fuji C200

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