Daily Inspiration #818 By Gilles Vanderstraeten

Hi Steve & Brandon,

Your review of the Nex-7 helps my decision to buy one three years ago. Thus, you are to blame if I enjoy it so much and get this week the Sony France National Award 2015, 3rd prize (www.worldphoto.org/national-award-2015/france).

A b&w photograph in dark condition at 3200 ISO with the Sony 50/1.8 stabilized opened at 1.8. I’m very happy to get this prize with a photograph taken in my village in the Gers (Simorre, 650 inhabitants) 300 meters far from my house. It was in August 2014 while a song festival. These tired children came on the small stage. They sat next to each other enlightened by a single spotlight. I watched them, waiting a fleeting photographic moment. Within a couple of seconds, I took three pictures. This one is the last one.

I attach two others photographs taken in the same period in the same place.

I will keep a cool head, following your reviews and inspirations and being inspired by them. Thanks for your great work and come home when you travel in the south-west of France, you’re welcome !

Gilles Vanderstraeten, French enthusiast photographer

(Still daily inspired in march 2013, #397)

Portfolio : www.simorre.net

Les Moissons Sonores

Les Moissons Sonores

The last concert

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