Daily Inspiration #822 By Lukas

Dear Steve,

I follow your website for quite a time now and I always come back for the unique and true reviews. To me photography is very important. It fills me with inspiration keeps me focused. As soon as I hold my camera in hands there are no limits in my mind. When talking about my camera I luckily own a full frame camera. A Nikon D700 with a decent collection of prime lenses. My favourite lens: Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G. This lens is mounted almost all the time. When it comes to the right situational condition, I also have my 16mm fish eye lens handy. Enough about the equipment, let me give you some thoughts on the pictures I am sending to you.

In the first picture you can see street artists in Syndey, Australia. I love to travel and I even more love to have my camera with me when traveling. Therefore I already gathered a good amount of photographs. By the way I am born and raised in Vienna, Austria and in a few days I turn 26. I am a very optimistic person and I see a bright future in front of me – hopefully including a lot of photography. So back to the picture of the street artists. As can be seen they were performing breakdance and they had a really great performance. For me it is all about capturing the perfect moment and at best there should be a story behind it. Some to be told, others to be conceal.


The second picture was made in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was my second trip to Amsterdam, but the first time I got my camera with me. As you can see I was waiting for the perfect moment again. Luckily you don’t have to wait for a cyclist for too long when in Amsterdam. This was one of the moments when I already had the picture in my head but still had to get it onto my camera.


Last but not least I wanted to offer a picture which shall show hidden arrangements. I took this one a few days ago. I had the chance to visit Toronto, Canada because of a business trip. Of course I had my camera with me. As soon as I had some time off I made my way through the city. I simply love it to simply explore a city by foot or in fact “by camera”. When exploring a city by camera I am forced to look everywhere – up, down, left, right. This one I took in a side street and added some b&w filter.


As it can be seen I also enjoy to post process in Lightroom. If I was able to arouse your interest please have a look at my 500px portfolio: www.500px.com/d700street

All the best,


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  1. “When talking about my camera I luckily own a full frame camera. ”
    Lucky you.
    Some of us must do with cropped-sensor cameras.
    What a shame…

  2. Some terrific shots, especially the first one. An interesting portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice, especially the stillness of the last one. I do like the captured moments of the first two, but the atmosphere in that last one is something else!

    • Thank you very much Lee! I am very happy that I can communicate something (like the atmosphere) with my pictures and especially that it can be seen.

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