Daily Inspiration #861 By Pierre Wolf

Hi Steve,

Still a fan of your site (and quite disappointed on the days where there is nothing new), still living in a small town in Lorraine, still 71 and still making b&w pictures with my Fuji X30. Here are three more from January 2015:


I liked the contrast between our very geometrical sports centre and this little tree.


Swamp Selfie 

As you my have noticed I like selfies where there’s not too much to be seen of me; on this one you just see my shadow in a rather large puddle.


Nice Haircut

Of course this is just a tuft of grass, but to me it looks like the hair I wish I still had.


Thanks again for running this great site of yours, I hope you liked these pictures.

Many greetings from France


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  1. Pierre, thank you for the excellent post. I like your sense of humor, and the “Nice Haircut” is the best! Congratulations. I cannot say more than “Wow!” You’ve said so much with just three photographs and a few words!

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