Lamborghini and Leica By Olgun

Lamborghini and Leica

By Olgun

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site recently and it helped in my decision to go for a Leica M Monochrome, the first generation. I was really nervous about it, having always used DSLR’s. I am an automotive photographer and thus only use those big SLRs with seriously big and heavy lenses. I thought the Leica would be for me and my personal work only.

Well the other day I had a chance to go for a meeting with a client and they had a Lamborghini Huracan in there so I took along my Mono and took some snaps and thought wow, this camera is wonderful at all things, below are some examples I shot all very natural,

I’ve also included a link to my folio which is all my usual commercial editorial work, I’d love to share this sort of story with your readers,












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  1. Love the photos.
    I found that classic cars look best in the Monochrom.
    I use mine all the time for classic car shows.

    My go to camera when the cars are old and the lights are low.

  2. Olgub, looking at your website reminds me I need to go the Festival of Speed sometime again soon. Fantastic day out. And you appear to have what many would call a dream job… am not remotely jealous 😉

    Nice pics BTW.

  3. Sorry, good oportunity but missed.

    Look at the front photos (3rd from last) and don’t think of the price tag but pay attention to the cut of the body and light: all resulting in interesting reflections.
    These should have been captured but with tighter cropping as well: either the lamp and the lines above them OR the lamp and the grill but not all 3 of them


  4. Other than a format conversion for this site, have you modified these images? Are they as they came out of the camera?

  5. Very nice images. I like shooting autos also, but I’m not professional. The composition and processing are great. Certainly proves the photographers eye makes the images. And if course Leitz lenses and cameras help!

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