Leica Monochrom 246+ 35 LUX By Danny

Leica Monochrom 246+ 35 LUX

By Danny

Hello Steve and Brandon

I just got back from a beautiful town called Acre. It is a very old town where I especially  love the old arabic part mostly. You can find the best Humus in the world there 🙂

Lately I hardly see Leica photos being posted on this site, , mainly Sony A7!!  photos (from Steve: Because Sony has new cameras to cover, Leica does not at this time). It is no doubt a wonderful camera but I still love the Leica rangefinder cameras , it still feels like old film cameras to me unlike all the other brands. I love the Leica viewfinder, the feeling of the camera in my hands. I love the manual focus and the camera sound.

In short I am hooked on Leica cameras as well as on their fantastic lenses. Yes it is all very insanely expensive but so are cigarets(I don’t smoke, ) people spend a fortune on getting ill, but when it comes to cameras …… I took my beloved Leica 246 ( what a fantastic camera) + the 35 Lux with me.

Here are some shots, I do hope you will like them.

Take care








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    • Thanks
      I add some-contrast. I like my photos on the dark side so i sometimes reduce exposure or highlight when needed. I add very little clarity. and thats about it

  1. I would certainly choose a Leica Mono new or older model with my heart Steve ! I still shoot with an M8 and people definitely do react differently to this kind of camera. I know because I observe their reactions as I am a street shooter. People frequently say to me “beautiful old camera” and seem to react positively to me and assume no bad motives on my part.
    Of course they are right- I have no bad motives ! I have used different cameras from small point and shoots, a 4/3 format Lumix, a film slr, a digital slr (most kindly loaned to me by my photographic friends) I treat gear with great care you see.
    I cannot get into the debate on New Mono versus M240 but from the photos I have seen on the web the Mono images new and old model are beautiful. You would need to be certain that you are a fanatic black and white shooter to make the Mono choice though.

    • No i did not use a filter, there was no need too, I sold my 240P, it is a great camera with very good conversion to B/W, still it is not the same . I showed the photos to Felix Lupa who is the best street photographer in Israel, he loved the b&w and said it feels like film camera.
      Stephen Cosh who own both cameras only uses the 246 for b/w. Steve on the other hand says he feels there is very little difference beteen them,
      I think the tonal range here wins

      • Ive done many side by sides in my own time for personal reasons and after a few weeks I could make the M240 files look 99.8% exactly like the 246 file in 2-3 seconds. For me, not worth owning both, but well worth owning one or the other. Pros and cons to each, but both are gorgeous cameras that should be chosen with your heart 😉

        • I’m sorry sir I disagree I have had a 240 and have a 246 much better files all round on the 246 better detail filmic vibe no comparison the 240 files are flatter and look like any other cod camera boring

  2. I think these are really intersting pictures, especially to my eye, 2,4 and 6 (if I’ve counted right!). But I continue to be puzzled by the amount of deep black stuff that people produce with the Monochrome which is praise for its superb tonal range. Just me, perhaps?

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