Quick Shot: Ricoh GR By Kenneth Sit

Hi Steve and Brandon,

I developed my interest in Street Photography a few years back. I use my Ricoh GR almost exclusively now and I am loving it. It is quick and stealthy, the shutter release is light and perfect for making pan shots in close distance.

All shots: TAv mode, below 1/30s, Lightroom B&W filter with basic adjustments

Regards from Hong Kong,
Kenneth Sit

7-1 Protest HK (2)

7-1 Protest HK (1)

Street of Osaka

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, beautiful pictures. Love my GR too. Snap focus. TAV mode. Compact. Discreet. It’s all-round got to be my fav street machine. Reminds me to keep it with me all the time!

  2. It’s a fabulous camera, I use it virtually everyday, I love the grit, grain and almost paintery look you get with longish handheld exposures? If I don’t go out with it I feel naked, as you just know there will be a moment you wish you’d had a camera on hand to capture.

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